The comedy with high school dramas that is unstoppable on Netflix and you can’t miss

Adam Sandler, or how to divide cinephilia. Few actors have legions of admirers and detractors as marked as this New York comedian who became a Hollywood star. For some, his name is a magnet that is difficult to resist regardless of the production in which he appears. For others, letters as avoidable as those that form the word “Expired” on a milk carton.

It doesn’t matter if Sandler dances in a supermarket under the orders of Paul Thomas Anderson or if he plays the foolish son of Satan: in the theaters where both titles are released, there will be some seats occupied in advance and others, carefully free.

Netflix is ​​aware of its drawing power and has lined up the actor in one of the platform’s latest original titles, which premiered at the end of August. The rest was part of a natural process: Sandler has issued invitations to his loyal followers and they have all come to see No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvah.

Synopsis of ‘No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvah’

The quintessential Jewish rite of passage (among which does not include a sharp knife) is the protagonist of the new Netflix comedy, which in its first week has added more than twelve million views around the world. In No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvahthe film follows young Stacey Friedman, whose path to adulthood is under last-minute threat.

Special mention deserves the soundtrack of comedy, with artists ranging from Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa until pitbull. Who we don’t listen to, unlike the Bat Mitsvah DJ, is Journey and his Don’t stop believingthat song we kept hearing when, at the end of The Sopranos, there was nothing left to see.

‘There’s no way you’re invited to my bat mitsvah’

Cast of ‘No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvah’

If the last name Sandler gives you chills, No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvah you can choke, since You will not only have to deal with Adam, but with his daughtersSunny and Sadie, two regular appearances in his films; in addition to Jackie Sandler, the comedian’s wife and which we have seen in Gigolo (1999) and, now with her husband, in Little Nicky (2000) or 50 first dates (2004).

Leaving aside the Sandler tribe, in No way are you invited to my Bat Mitsvah act Idina Menzel (Enchanted: The Story of Giselle), the debutante Samantha Lorraine or the incombustible Puerto Rican interpreter Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights either Trapped by his past).

Sunny Sandler in 'No way are you invited to my bat mitsvah'
Sunny Sandler in ‘No way are you invited to my bat mitsvah’

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