The Calling: Meet the Scary Legend That Inspired Horror Movies

If you ask a horror fan which movies are among their all-time favorites, it is possible that he or she quotes The Call between productions🇧🇷 The franchise, which was born in Japan, began in 1991, through a novel published by Koji Suzuki, titled “Ring”.


From there, the story gained two more books, 8 Japanese movies, 2 television series, 6 manga, 3 North American movies, 1 Korean movie, as well as 2 video games. With so many productions, it is not difficult to say that The call is one of the most successful horror franchises today.

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But did you know that the story of The Calling could it have started long before that, through a legend?


The callSource: Dreamworks

Himeji’s Castle

According to reports, the legend of Okiku’s Well (Okiku’s Well, in free translation), dates back to 1655 and involves Himeji Castle, one of the most beautiful and visited tourist spots in Japan.


In Japanese tales, the castle would have been occupied for the first time in 1333 by the samurai Akamatsu Norimura. From 1600 onwards, the site would have undergone transformations and improvements that would have lasted until 2015, when it was restored and renovated to how it is today.

Outside the castle, there is a well, called the Well of Okiku. Okiku would have been a castle maid in the mid-1650s and used as a “weapon” to assassinate her master. The food she took to her boss would have been poisoned by a samurai.

After discovering the poisoning, Okiku was blamed and killed, returning as a ghost to torment the samurai who would have framed her.

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Another version says that Okiku had one of his fingers cut off by his master after breaking a valuable dish in the castle. Also, she was incarcerated in a cell, managed to escape, but fell into a pit.

Then, she would have come to haunt her master, who had to perform an exorcism on the spot to get rid of Okiku.

There are several versions of the legend, but they all point to a woman who died in a well and returned as an evil spirit. Which, of course, has everything to do with The call and its derivative works.

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