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The Call: Incredible Samara Cosplay Will Make You Scared of TVs

Imagem de: O Chamado: cosplay incrível de Samara te fará ficar com medo de TVs

Released in 1998, the Japanese film The call (ringu) it has an absolutely frightening history. So much so, in fact, that it won some sequels and remakes later, including The Ringan American feature film that premiered in 2002 and featured Naomi Watts in the role of the protagonist Rachel, a woman who needs to unravel the mystery behind a deadly tape, which takes the lives of those who watch it after seven days.

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  • The Call: everything you need to know about the horror film series

In addition to a scary story, The call it also features an equally terrifying villain. We are talking, of course, about Samara, the girl who comes out of the well seen in the bizarre tape, crosses the limits of television and murders her victims in cold blood, in a brutal way. Over time, the girl became one of the most iconic figures in horror movies and pop culture, earning several “tributes” through cosplays.

Samara, from O Chamado, remains one of the scariest villains remembered by horror movie fans.Source: Dreamworks

Stunning cosplay of The Ring

One of these cosplays has even gained a lot of attention on the internet recently, especially on TikTok. During the ATL Comic Convention 2023, which took place between February 24th and 26th, a user of the social network captured an incredible (and scary) cosplay of Samara. The images were taken by internet user @Daracell and, according to the Kotaku website, the cosplayer’s name is Bella Evans. Check the result below!

As we can see in the video, Bella’s cosplay embodies all the dark vibe of The Ring movies and the villain Samara, with the girl stepping out of a television screen and coming to life. The makeup and performance are so well done, in fact, that it’s hard to take your eyes off the video and we’ll certainly think twice before watching it. The call again (or turning on the television in general).

  • The Call: Meet the spooky legend that inspired horror movies

Altogether, The call it has nine Japanese works (cinema and television) and three North American films. The last of them was the The Call 3launching in 2017.

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