Home Entertainment The Boys: Amazon series mocks HBO Max on Twitter and entertains fans

The Boys: Amazon series mocks HBO Max on Twitter and entertains fans

The Boys: Amazon series mocks HBO Max on Twitter and entertains fans

A fact: The Boys series, from Amazon prime Video, has become one of the biggest pop culture phenomena since its debut in 2019. But the work created by Eric Kripke, based on the homonymous comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, does not it limits itself only to entertaining through television and, constantly, uses its social networks to pronounce (or, better said, make fun of) about various entertainment subjects.

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  • Gen V: Which The Boys characters will appear in the spin-off series?

Recently, the series, which created a Twitter profile for Vought International, the multimillion-dollar company that owns the rights to the Seven, the main group of heroes of The Boys, decided to take a wave with HBO Max through the fictional company’s account.

In the fun post (which does not directly mention Warner’s streaming), the joke would be the truncated reformulation that the platform has been going through.

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In August 2022, Vought had announced an additional subscription plan for its pretend streaming, which would include all its channels and content, if the user paid an additional amount (a joke with Disney, who did this with Star +, for example).

Now, in January 2023, the The Boys revealed a reformulation in its streaming, stating that the service returned to what it was, but with 35% cuts in catalog movies and without the additional channels. A clear acid tirade directed at HBO Max, which removed several titles from its catalog shortly after announcing a branding and content redesign.

  • The Boys: see new actors in the cast of the 4th season of the series

The Boys: Season 4 is Coming

Already renewed for a new year by Amazon Prime Video, The Boys is heading for a 4th season full of what fans love most: heavy jokes, violent scenes and crazy superheroes. For now, however, we know little about the new episodes, as more detailed information has not yet been revealed.

The news, so far, revolve around the cast, which will gain new names. Rosemarie DeWitt, from The Staircase, will appear as Hughie’s mother; Rob Benedict, Chuck from Supernatural, was also cast; the heroines Firecracker and Sister Sage, interpreted by Valorie Curry (The Lost Symbol) and Susan Heyward (Orange Is the New Black), respectively, also promise to give a new spice to the narrative.

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