Home Tech News The boot with NASA technology that speeds up Neymar’s recovery

The boot with NASA technology that speeds up Neymar’s recovery

The boot with NASA technology that speeds up Neymar's recovery
Compression boot with NASA technology. (Photo: Instagram/Neymar)

neymar withdrew from the match against Serbia injured after spraining his right ankle to later confirm that he suffers a sprain. But the Brazilian wanted to use technology of the POT to recover faster than expected, thanks to the fact that this compensation boot gives you a intensive physical therapy.

This injury made the player a safe loss against Swiss (which the Brazilian national team won 1-0) and, it continues to be a great doubt to face Cameroon.

His presence in the third game of the group stage will depend on his evolution and how necessary his presence is seen by the technical director Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, better known as tite, since ‘La Canarinha’ currently has 6 points in the table.


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How the compression boot used by Neymar works

In social networksNeymar showed that it is a compression boot. The equipment uses NASA technology and serves to speed up healing. The boot combines three essential techniques:

– The pulsation: The boot mimics the muscular pump of the legs and arms, greatly improving the fluid and metabolic movement of the extremities after an intense workout.

– Gradients: this boot uses retention pressures to prevent fluids from being forced in the wrong direction.

– Distal release: the boot also releases retention pressures once they are no longer needed to prevent reflux. Thanks to this, each extremity gains rest time without a significant pause between compression cycles.

Compression boot with NASA technology.  (photo: NormaTec)
Compression boot with NASA technology. (photo: NormaTec)

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This technology would be of the latest generation and is used for the recovery of athletes of all ranks or levels. This process would have the success that the healing of the professionals is of a 97%.

As indicated on the website of NormaTec (creators of this boot), “the next generation 2.0 series is designed to offer full recovery to athletes of all levels. The 2.0 series systems are 27% smaller while maintaining the performance that has made NormaTec the recovery system trusted by 97% of professional teams.”

Therefore, the player will have to play the World Cup again in the knockout phase (round of 16), although it will clearly depend on his evolution throughout these days.

Neymar’s sensations after his injury

Neymar wanted to share through his instagram his feelings before the blow suffered in the match between Brazil and Serbia:

“The pride and love I feel wearing the jersey cannot be explained. If God gave me the opportunity to choose the country where I was born, it would be Brazil.” Nothing in my life was given or easy, I always had to fight for my dreams and goals. Never wish bad on anyone, we help those who need it.

Today has become one of the most difficult moments of my career… and again in the World Cup I have an injury yes, it’s boring, it hurts, but I’m sure I’ll have the chance to come back because I will. . my best to help your country, your colleagues and yourself. How long will I wait for the enemy to take me down like this? NEVER! I AM THE MIGHTY SON OF GOD and MY FAITH is infinite”, affirmed the Brazilian.

Neymar.  (photo: Instagram)
Neymar. (photo: Instagram)

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