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The blockbuster of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ makes history: which video game movies has snatched the ‘number one’?

 The blockbuster of 'Super Mario Bros.'  makes history: which video game movies has snatched the 'number one'?

When in 1981 Shigeru Miyamoto, the famous Nintendo video game designer created the first sketches and drawings of the chubby Mario, little did he imagine that he would become a worldwide phenomenon. And even less, that his story would be taken to the big screen and would break unthinkable records.

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Although its origin the nice Mario He was a carpenter when he became the protagonist of his first video game, back in 1983 together with Luigi, his little brother, he had already changed his profession: he was a plumber, He wore his characteristic work overalls, his cap with a visor and his unmistakable mustache; saint and sign of his worldwide known identity.

Video game “Super Mario Bros” released in 1985.

Mario gets older and turns 40

Mario Bros. was born, a legend of video games, which even has an anniversary. Did he know that he March 10 is World Mario Bros Day? Write it down in your diary so that you don’t forget it again in future years and you can celebrate it as it deserves. This year has been very special because Mario was turning 40 and he did it in style… with a movie premiere included!

And it is that Mario Bros. is no longer just a console star, now his reign has also extended to the world of celluloid. since it was released Super Mario Bros. The Moviein which the famous plumber had to face Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom, has become an unprecedented success.

‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ Records

Its long-awaited premiere was on April 5 and since then no other film has managed to snatch the number one at the international box office. That has made it the best premiere so far in 2023, with more than 888 million dollars worldwide and promises to go further. A figure that doubles that of its immediate competitor, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (with almost 475 million dollars), john wick 4 (360 million) either Creed III (272 million).

Continuing with the record numbers of Super Mario Bros. The MovieIt is worth noting another milestone that will also be difficult to beat: tras exceed 500 million dollars in box office collection has become the most successful big screen adaptation of a video game of all time, followed by far: warcraft (2016), which failed to exceed 439 million at the box office.

The reign of Super Mario Bros.

Only five movies based on video games they have been able to overcome the difficult barrier of 400 million dollars collection and at the time they were considered a success. However, looking at the incredible numbers of Super Mario Bros. The Movie these titles do not even reach the soles of the plumber’s boots. Not even Pikachu could beat him!

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

warcraft (2016), based on the popular video game of the same name, obtained a magnificent collection, although it did not exceed 439 million dollars. In fact its sequel was discarded. Pikachu’s rage promised a lot, but his 2019 movie, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu ‘only’ reached the 429 million dollars. Not even Ryan Reynold’s nice voice in the original version served as a hook. Now you can watch it on Netflix.

The adaptation of Rampage (2018) opted for superstar dwayne johnson and only managed to raise 427 million dollars. It was based on the successful 1986 arcade video game and it conquered the box office, halfway. Last year, the long-awaited premiere of sonic 2 He achieved an honorable 405 million. AND close this Top Five, Uncharted, also released in 2022, with 400 million dollars. And that the video game saga created by Sony was taken to the movies with three weighty protagonists: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas

Still from 'Uncharted'
Still from ‘Uncharted’

Below 400 million dollarssome titles known to the Spanish public but that cannot compete, far from it, with Super Mario Bros. The Movie. We talk, for example, about Angry Birds: The Movie, Resident Evil: Final Chapter, Prince of Persia or the mythical Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, to mention a few whose figures range between 250 and 350 million in collection. But it is another song.

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