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The best videos on TikTok about Christmas recipes

The best videos on TikTok about Christmas recipes
Content creators on video platforms like TikTok have started generating content related to the Christmas and New Year holidays. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Content creators on video platforms like TikTok have begun to generate content related to the Christmas holidays. In particular, the communityfoodie” has generated videos tutorials on how to make a Christmas dinner perfect this year.

Some users in Latin America have also joined this trend in their social network profiles, in which they give instructions for making traditional dishes from their countries and that people of different origins can be encouraged to prepare for the time of the celebration.

Lovers of local gastronomy will be able to see step by step how content creators such as losdenam, fredebochito and juanessanchezp prepare various dishes such as fritters, custard and rice pudding to celebrate the arrival of Christmas in the homes of members of their communities.

Recipes and “advice from grandma”


In the case of Losdenamthe tiktokers published videos on how to prepare, step by step, fritters with a special recipe and “grandma’s” tips to be able to cook them correctly and enjoy them as a family during the Christmas meal in less than a week.

This video that has hashtag #ChristmasOnTikTokaccumulated a total of 226,000 views and more than 26,600 likes since its publication at the beginning of the month.

Homemade fritters recipe

In his last post on December 20, Losdenam They showed a simple procedure to make rice pudding with easy-to-find ingredients, as well as giving new advice so that the final result is pleasing to the users who want to try making dessert at home.

Improvised empanadas and songs recipe

For his part, Frede Bocha (fredebochito in TikTok) publishes varied recipes for different types of food in which he can be heard singing improvised lyrics with the musical base of well-known themes in which he gives instructions on how each dish should be prepared.

The content creator has a large community of over 11.1 million of followers in TikTok and has accumulated a total of 15 million of Likes on the platform, in which he has also included a link to his YouTube channel, where he also creates longer videos.

empanadas recipe

Christmas dessert recipe


For users who like desserts or fruits, Juanes Sanchez (juanessanchezp in TikTok) has a video that walks you through step-by-step procedures for preparing a dessert of passion fruit to share during dinner Christmas with family and friends. Less than 30 seconds is enough for the content creator to explain in detail how each part of the process has to be done so that the dish is prepared properly.

In some cases, the tiktoker shows the procedure done by his grandmother in videos in which she makes comments about the recipe to follow, also so that the result is to the liking of the community that follows Juanes on the video platform.

Passion fruit dessert recipe

The creator has accumulated a total of 2.4 million of followers and more than 31 million likes on his profile within TikTokin which, in addition to desserts, it indicates how to cook special dishes for breakfast, lunch, hot and cold drinks, among others.

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