see to halle bailey interpret part of your world (part of your world in the original version in Spanish) for the live action of The little Mermaid has awakened our nostalgia for reliving the songs we grew up with, although before we begin, we have to admit that the headline is too much for us: picking the best songs we’ve been given Disney it’s too difficult.

Two or three essential songs could only be taken from the same film, so we have had to settle for recalling some of Disney’s most mythical compositions and adding others that, although we don’t keep them in mind, are also true great songs.

After a painful process of leaving out large hits from our childhood, we present our particular album of the best Disney songs (with bonus track included).

‘Son of Man’ – Phil Collins (Tarzan)

Easily the best composer Disney has ever worked with (sorry Hanz Zimmer). If we had to choose an album of Phil collinsthe soundtrack of tarzan I would be among the finalists. Posts to choose songs, we stay with Son of Manalthough we do not forget Two worlds, of the theme that it was how strange i am nor of the compositions that he gave us later, in 2003, to Bear Brother. Also, we can only thank you for deciding to sing the Spanish version.

‘I’m going to make a man out of you’ – Pablo Perea (Mulán)

The first position of “the best song of mulan“with the instrumental composition that played in the background when the protagonist decided to cut her hair to pass herself off as a man and replace her father in the war. The rush that came from seeing Mulan climb the pole and manage to become one more is reason enough for this song to deserve to be on our album.

‘I finally see the light’ – Carmen López, Tony Mateo (Tangled)

Performed in the original version by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, put a soundtrack to one of the most beautiful scenes that Disney has given us. The lanterns that were reflected in the water, Rapunzel fulfilling her dream and Eugene (not Flynn Rider) discovering her love for her could not have had a more perfect song.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Norma Herrera (Beauty and the Beast)

The song sung by Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury in the original version) is one of those classics that could not be missing from our album. Before Rapunzel finally saw the light of day, Belle discovered that beauty lies within, a message that stuck deep in our minds to the point where, by the end of the movie, we all found that we preferred the prince in his own right. animal form than with those blue eyes and long blond hair.

‘Colors in the Wind’ – Chestnut Gem (Pocahontas)

From the love of books to the love of nature, Pocahontas He taught John Smith to see beyond and, with him, he showed us the wonders that are hidden in nature for those who stop to enjoy it. Oblivious to the true story on which the story is based, as children we were traumatized to discover that the protagonists did not end up together in the second installment.

‘I’m still here’ – Álex Ubago (Treasure Planet)

Surely you did not expect to see this song on the list, but once you remember it, it is unforgivable not to include it. This great song that was marked Alex Ubago It helps us to claim The treasure Planet which, although it went unnoticed by many, hid one of Disney’s most impressive stories of friendship and improvement mixed with touches of science fiction.

‘That is my destiny’ – Ferran González (Hercules)

Perhaps no song in today’s music industry can motivate us as much as Disney’s self-improvement tracks. Captain Shang and Álex Ubago are joined by that is my destiny like another one of those songs that we couldn’t pass up, although Hercules there are too many songs that we have had to leave out of our album (the great songs that the muses gave us deserve their own list).

‘I Will Fly’ – Russian Red (Brave)

Since Merida doesn’t have a musical movie like most of her Disney sisters, this is probably the least known song on the list. We have had to leave other classics aside to include it, but it was worth discovering it for those who don’t know it. If Mérida were a song, with her red hair blowing in the wind while riding a horse, this would be it.

‘An Ideal World’ – Miguel Morant, Angela Aloy (Aladdin)

The more classic the movie, the harder it is to pick just one song. Therefore, in the case of aladdinwe opted for the mythical ride on the magic carpet, although A great genius, Prince Ali and even If you go to Arabia they would deserve a place on this list (remember that, after all, the story of Aladdin is told to us by that merchant who wanted to sell us a tupperware from the Dead Sea).

‘The cycle of life’ – Tata Vega (The Lion King)

The Lion King could not be missing from our album. We know that some would have chosen hakuna matata either It’s the night of love of Elton Johnbut we consider that Hans Zimmer (along with Elton John) deserved to be on this list for giving us the best start a Disney movie has ever had.

‘The door to love’ – Carmen López, Tony Menguiano (Frozen)

We know, how could we have put this song before Let it go either make me a snowman? Well, because we are fans of Ana and because we wanted to give our list a bit of personality (even if that means highlighting the song sung by the evil Hans). In our defense we will say that, when you see the movie for the first time, this is one of the most adorable songs, which does not mean that Elsa was right to forbid her sister from marrying a man she had just met.

‘He Mele No Lilo’ – Kamehameha Schools Children’s Chorus, Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu (Lilo & Stitch)

We could do it and we have done it. Since Elvis’s songs don’t count (no matter how well Stitch performed them), we’ve decided to include this great song on the list that, although it doesn’t reach the classic level of dawn of The Lion King, it cannot be denied that it is another of the great beginnings of a movie that Disney has presented to us. It also serves as a claim that, before Frozen, Disney had already given us the best possible sisterly relationship.

‘Under the Sea’ – Vincente Borland (The Little Mermaid)

Finally, we could not miss our tribute to Halle Bailey and her little mermaid with the original song from 1989 that made all the children want to live under the sea and have a crab and a fish as their best friends.

Bonus track: ‘The Company Musical’ – Sulley and Mike Wazowski (Monsters SA)

“Put that where it was or you’ll find out… pum pum pum pum.” We have not been able to resist (she was this or Nobody Like U of the 4*Town of Grid).

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