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The best series of 2022, according to the TecMundo team

Imagem de: As melhores séries de 2022, segundo a equipe do TecMundo

Another end of the year has arrived and, with it, the long-awaited retrospectives. In the world of series, there were several productions that stood out – with some good surprises, including Wandinha, dahmer, The House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power.

To celebrate the end of a year filled with super productions, the TechWorld gathered to nominate their favorite series of 2022; check out all the suggestions below!

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Best series of 2022, according to TecMundo

  • twenty five twenty onefrom Netflix (Ariane Gisele Reis – SEO Content Editor)

If you were a teenager in the late ’90s and early ’00s, you’ll feel that warm embrace of nostalgia when you watch twenty five twenty one, available on Netflix. The construction of the narrative as well as the development of the characters is exquisite, all accompanied by a remarkable soundtrack.


Twenty Five Twenty One, it has all the elements I love in doramas, the perfect mix of romance, comedy, friendship and of course drama (because if it’s not to cry I won’t even watch it). But what differs it from all the k-dramas I’ve watched is the fact that the plot shows with enormous delicacy the weight of choices and decisions that are not always easy that we need to make in life. That little touch of “reality and imperfection” is what makes the story so perfect.


  • Welcome to the Neighborhoodfrom Netflix (Carlos Palmeira – Copywriter)

It has a suspense that holds the viewer a lot and some twists in the plot that make the end difficult to discover and surprising. The resolution may not please everyone, as it is less fancy than the rest.

But it’s worth it because you create thousands of theories and practically none are confirmed! Since it’s based on a true story, it’s worth not researching anything about the case.

Welcome to the NeighborhoodPlayback/Netflix

  • Dahmer: An American Cannibalfrom Netflix (Carol Saldanha – SEO Content Editor)

Undoubtedly, the series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the best productions of 2022. Created by Ryan Murphy, it spent exactly seven consecutive weeks in Netflix’s Global Top 10 and reached more than one billion hours watched.

Success is a consequence of the genre on the rise, true crime, but also the beautiful performance of Evan Peters – who played the murderer accused of killing 17 men between the 70s and 90s. Acclaimed, the series permeates the narrative from the family’s point of view of the victims. Now, just wait for the second season confirmed by the streaming giant, which will tell the story of real crimes committed by another brutal personality.


  • All Flowersby Globoplay (Everton Batista – Science Editor)

All Flowers, was the main achievement of Brazilian TV in 2022 – and perhaps has been the biggest highlight in national soap operas since Avenida Brasil (2012). Despite this, it’s very likely that you haven’t heard of it and that many people close to you haven’t seen the show.

Grupo Globo’s choice to show the telenovela only on streaming, Globoplay, may limit the audience a little, but, on the other hand, it seems to boost the ability of the author, the genius João Emanuel Carneiro, to create an even more revolting plot and fast. The performances are impeccable, with highlights such as Regina Casé (Zoé), the reprobate mother, and Sophie Charlotte (Maíra), the blind daughter who needs to navigate between romance, money and the revelation of serious crimes.

The positive portrayal that the program makes of blind people (which has a core of talented actors) is another high point of the telenovela. The first part of All Flowers, with 45 episodes, is now available on streaming; the second part opens in 2023.

All Flowers: soap opera do Globo was planned to be shown at 9 pm

  • white lotus – Season 2, from HBO Max (Giovanna Fantinato – Copywriter)

white lotus, once again, giving it all away. The second season of the series premiered in November and caused a lot of buzz on social media. But it’s no wonder, the plot of the new episodes has an even more acidic script, tense development and intriguing characters.

The good news is that because it’s an anthology, you don’t have to watch the first season to see the second installment of the series (but the experience is better if you watch the whole thing!). And, like a good indecisive person, in addition to white lotusI also recommend Break (Apple TV+) and Heartstopper (Netflix), both highly rated by critics.

white lotusPlayback/HBO

  • Breakfrom Apple TV+ (Joyce Macedo – Chief Editor)

The idea of ​​having a chip in your brain capable of separating your memories from your professional and personal life seems tempting, after all, “disconnecting” from work can be difficult in times of hyperconnectivity. But Ruptura shows that things are not that simple.

With a 70s aesthetic that dissolves outside the office environment, drama, suspense, weirdness and a slower pace, this dystopia manages to break out of the comfort zone of most productions we see today.

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BreakPlayback/Apple TV

  • The bearby Star+ (Mateus Mognon – Technology Editor)

Before becoming a journalist, I worked in another environment as chaotic and cozy as a newsroom: the kitchen. Even with so many productions approaching the genre, it is difficult to find some fiction that represents the reality of those who work with food as well as The bear.

With an impeccable pace, the FX series is a great drama about a decadent restaurant and its new chef, who has lost contact with his brother and now has to lead a team that does not mesh together. It’s worth taking a chance!

The bearPlayback/Star+

  • Tokyo Vice, from HBO Max (Vini Munhoz – Voxel Editor)

Police and investigative series about the criminal underworld we’ve had in droves over the years (no wonder, my favorite series from 2022 even plays with the name of miami vice), but nothing like the bright tokyo vice from HBO Max. From the perspective of an American journalist in Japan – in fact, the first in history, as the work is inspired by real events –, the series avoids clichés about police officers who “don’t play by the law” and starts from the premise that the entire Yakuza investigation is for a news story.

For those who like Japanese culture and are interested in the customs and codes of the Japanese mafia, tokyo vice it’s a full plate, as this type of subject is rarely covered in any western media. The production of the work was very good in portraying the city of Tokyo in the 90s, with a beautiful art direction, and in the choice of actors, which features the spectacular Ansel Elgort (baby driver) and Ken Watanabe (The last Samurai, The origin) in striking roles. Extremely excited for Season 2 in 2023!

tokyo vicePlayback/HBO

  • Andorfrom Disney+ (Well Arruda – Technology Editor)

It’s a story of Star Wars very engaging for those who prefer a more dramatic plot. Not that saber fights aren’t, but Andor it’s much closer to Rogue One than any other film, showing that the resistance/rebel alliance has always been much bigger than just the Jedi.

Andor shows that the entire fight against the empire needed the people to really happen and that the Jedi are only alive because the people fought alongside them. It is a story of the “common people”, but it made the difference in the whole plot.


So, which series on the list have you watched? Which would you add to the list?

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