The best memes left by Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s lawsuit

Memes by Gustavo Adolfo Infante (Screenshot: Twitter/@OswanRua/@_ArmandoBarreda)

Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante is in the eye of the hurricane after he had a confrontation with his companions Joanna Vega-Biestro Y Anna Maria Alvarado in full live broadcast.

All the media began to talk about the controversy and users on social networks overwhelmed the journalist, since public opinion pointed out that Gutavo Adolfo had a “misogynistic” and “arrogant” attitude.

This topic ended up exploding when Internet users took out several memes regarding the intense moment that was experienced in the live broadcast of the sun rises this morning.

Among the many memes and comments, there was one in which they made fun of Gustavo Adolfo’s attitude and compared it to his physical stature, saying that he was not “up to” in any aspect.

And it is that according to several comments, threatening to give up a program so that they take another person out, was not a wise attitude on his part, much less live.

His alleged impertinent attitude was so evident that the same driver, Joanna Vega-Biestro told him while they were arguing on the air. β€œIt’s not the way or the place to say it. You do not respect our opinions, you always change at your convenience,” she said.

Other memes focused on talking about bad work environments with humor, something that has happened to many in life, that is, arriving at a job where apparently everyone gets along but in reality it is full of arguments and tension.

There were more funny memes, including one of the typical ones, in which they put the names of controversial people on the faces of certain characters, in this case, it was the drawing in which some children appear fighting and another eating popcorn.

And those users who were moved by the gossip and were attentive to what happened, or also those who were impacted by everything that was happening around Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega, could not miss.

In the same way, there was no lack of those Internet users who seemed to be quite upset with his attitudes and did not hesitate to insult him and label him a “misogynist”. That same argument was the one used by the actor Sergio Mayer against him and even released a statement on Twitter.

β€œThis morning with astonishment, indignation and shame we witnessed how Gustavo Adolfo Infante in a national media outlet and in a misogynistic way he attacked and intimidated his companions on the air (…) It is not only a lack of respect for her colleagues, it is also an offense to the public in a clear act of workplace harassment and arrogance, “said the actor.

There was a user who pointed out that with all this problem, perhaps Gustavo Adolfo Infante was going to have to return to his old job as a primary school principal.

Finally, there was a rather funny tweet in which a user said that he was anxious for audios to come out in TikTok of Gustavo Adolfo’s lawsuit with the conductors of Sale el Sol, to do “lip sync”, which means imitating or speaking over the original sound.

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