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The best free platforms to transfer large files

Online platforms to send large files. (photo:

When sending a large file to another user, surely the first option is WeTransfer for many users. One of the best web tools for this purpose and undoubtedly incredibly useful, practical and easy to use. More than good reasons why it is so well valued by users.

However, it is not the only platform as such, There are many alternatives of this same characteristic. that provide the same or even more options when sharing these files. Here are some tools that can be of daily use:

– smash

If you only need to send large files, Smash is a good option. No cumbersome registration or forms. Simply download the app, select the file you want to send, and let it upload to the server.

Once you’re ready, you’ll get a link to send whatever you want through any platform. Users will be able to send files without size restrictions and without compression, available 7 days after sending, and everything completely secure thanks to ultra-high encryption.

Smash.  (photo: Inside)
Smash. (photo: Inside)

-Drop box

One of the favorite options of millions of users around the world. drop box Allows you to create backups cloudcreate shared folders with other users, send documents, videos and audio with just one click through a link and more.

Even better, all information can be accessed even offline Internet from any of the devices linked to the account.

Its wide file compatibility makes it efficient to store everything that is needed easily and securely. It has a free version of 2GB, although it can be increased up to 2TB with premium plans.

dropbox.  (photo: WeLiveSecurity)
dropbox. (photo: WeLiveSecurity)

– FileMail

Finally, but at the height of all the alternatives mentioned above is FileMail. It is a good option to send files from large size without problems, without ads, without registration and instantly. It doesn’t matter what file it is, if it’s a digital file, it can be sent.

Files up to 5 GB can be shared without registration (for higher limits, an account is required), simple and easy-to-use interface. You can send one file, several or by folder to the email or, via a download link and more.

FileMail.  (photo: APK Pure)
FileMail. (photo: APK Pure)


OneDrive is the solution microsoft to store everything that is important to you directly in the cloud. In the same way, you can share files and folders with other users from your own apps or through a link.

All that is needed is a Microsoft account to access all the information from any compatible device, even offline.

Besides, his compatibility with files Word, Excel, PowerPoint Y OneNote makes it an indispensable tool for Windows environments, as well as for students and professionals.

OneDrive, an essential tool in Office that protects your files using an SSL security certificate.  (photo:
OneDrive, an essential tool in Office that protects your files using an SSL security certificate. (photo:

– Send Anywhere

Another great option to send large files without complications. Send Anywhere allows you to share any document, image, video, audio and more without compression and in seconds. Your 6-digit password system it is the only thing needed to approve the sending of any document.

No internet access? There is nothing to worry about, because with the function Wi-Fi Direct you can transfer what you need without problems. Compatible with all social networks Y instant messaging applications.

And for security, it offers 256-bit encryption that guarantees the security of the information every time it is sent.

Sendanywhere.  (photo: GooglePlay)
Sendanywhere. (photo: GooglePlay)

– pCloud

pCloud is a pretty complete solution to create cloud backups, share large files and keep all your valuable information safe and accessible.

The platform provides 10 GB initially for free and can be expanded up to 2TB with a paid subscription. Either way, it’s useful for accessing files on multiple devices, backing up files, and more.

Also has pCloud Encryption, secure protection for passwords, financial statements or other sensitive documents for maximum protection.

pCloud.  (photo: Redes Zone)
pCloud. (photo: Redes Zone)


Hightail is a platform for sending large files between users, but it goes further. also allows manage projects, perform live assessments and repairs.

You just have to download its application to see collaborative projects with other users, comment on files and tasks, send photos, videos and other large files.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s fully compatible with google driveDropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, making it easy to manage your files from one place.

Hightail.  (photo:
Hightail. (photo:

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