The Best Free Fire character and pet combos for the Heroic rank

A well-selected character can have a significant impact on Free fire because their skills make it possible for players to dominate their opponents. There are more than 40 characters available and each one has an ability that can be classified into active and passive.

Additionally, there are pets that accompany users on battlefields, and these creatures of Free fire also have special abilities. Although they do not have a considerable impact, having pets whose abilities work well with the characters further increases the chances of winning more games, especially at the higher ranks.


Best Free Fire Pets to Use With D-Bee

Jota + Detective Panda

A continuous source of HP is essential to win more games. Jack is well suited for aggressive play and replenishes health points when players hit their enemies. Also, users will get 20% of their HP at the highest level when knocking down opponents, that is 40 HP.

When combined with Detective Panda, which provides 10 HP on a kill at the highest level, if they hit an enemy, this combo will get 40 HP and 10 HP.

K / A124 + Ottero

K and A124 have a common aspect to their abilities: they can quickly convert EP to HP, that is, in a few seconds, and thus act as a constant source of healing. The former has a 500% increase in conversion rate in Jiu-Jitsu mode, while A124 transforms 60 EP to HP in 4 seconds.

Although K has a psychology mode that can recover EP, it is prolonged. On the other hand, A124 doesn’t have that option.

Skyler + Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor was the most used pet last year due to his ability, which produce gloo walls, one of the most essential throwable items in the game. Users will get a gloo wall every 100 seconds when they own less than one.

This mascot is excellent for battle royale play with any Free Fire character, considering the importance of good walls. However, with Skyler, users can gain an additional advantage.

Riptide Rhythm mainly destroys the floor walls of the opponents through a sonic wave. The second aspect of the ability is that players will regain HP, starting from nine points with the deployment of good walls.


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Alok + Falco

Having a single Falco pet on the team is required for Free Fire’s ranked Battle Royale mode. After opening the parachutes, players hit the ground faster thanks to increased glide and dive speeds of 45% and 50%, respectively.

Landing faster is generally favorable and even more important in the hot fall as it could translate into a fair amount of fatalities. However, if your goal isn’t to land quickly, Falco’s Skyline Spree becomes pretty useless.

Alok does well with Falco, not because of his healing ability, but after landing, users can activate his ability to gain speed while moving and gathering resources even more quickly. However, some players may also prefer Alok with Mr. Waggor, considering the benefits of the wall.

Chrono + Rockie

Rockie can be used in conjunction with characters with active abilities. The only role of Stay Chill is to reduce the cooldown time of the active ability equipped.

Reduces cooldown by 15%, which may not seem high enough in relative measure, but can be useful for a character like Chrono, who has a high cooldown.


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Currently, players can use Chrono’s Time Turner every 220 seconds, even at the highest level, which is considerably high. However, with Rockie combined, the cooldown will be reduced by 33 seconds, that is, 187 seconds, a little over 3 minutes.

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