The Best Expensive Free Fire Characters You Can Buy For Gold In December

Characters have always been one of the most important aspects of Free fire. Players have gone to great lengths to obtain characters, spending a decent amount of diamonds in the process. However, not all users have access to the game’s premium currency.

Garena recently made some of the good characters available in gold to increase parity. Generally, all items available for gold are not considered expensive, as players can earn the currency within the game.

FREE FIRE | The best characters that are not very expensive

The ability to Xayne it’s called Xtreme Encounter, which is very effective for aggressive play. First, users get an additional 80 HP and then the damage to Gloo Walls and shields will increase by 40%, helping players to turn the cover to dust. Price: 8000 gold.


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Xayne | Free Fire character

Xayne | Free Fire characterA124 can be a suitable replacement for Alok and K to gain life points. However, you will have to pair up with a character like Miguel. Users will convert 20 EPs to HP in four seconds. So until they have enough EP, they will get the most out of the character. Price: 6000 gold.

A124 | Free Fire character

A124 | Free Fire characterAfter the skill of Jot It was reworked in OB29, more players have acquired it since adding it to the gold store. As users beat their opponents, they will earn life points. Additionally, they will regain 10% HP once they take down the opponent. It can be significant in a combination of characters and one of the Expensive Free Fire Characters. Price: 8000 gold.
Jota | Free Fire character

Jota | Free Fire characterAlthough Jai has been eliminated from Free fire, the Microchip Jai it is available in the store. The weapon’s magazine will be replenished by 30% each time users take down their opponent. However, this will only be available with AR, Pistol, SMG, and Shotgun. This can be used while fighting multiple opponents. Price: 8000 gold.
Jai's Microship | Free Fire character

Jai’s Microship | Free Fire characterDasha is a popular choice in character combo due to reduced recoil and recoil accumulation by 6% each. Users can also jump from the top of buildings, as Partying On will reduce fall damage by 30% and cooldown time by 60%. They can use Dasha and D-Bee together to mow their opponents’ grass. Price: 8000 gold.


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Dasha | Free Fire character

Dasha | Free Fire character
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