The best antivirus for Windows according to AV Test

The best antivirus for Windows according to AV Test
Although Windows Defender is not in the Top 10, it still registers on the list and is one of the best antiviruses on the market.
Although Windows Defender is not in the Top 10, it still registers on the list and is one of the best antiviruses on the market.

Since the internet has existed widely as a service accessible to many households, malware and damage to equipment have been a daily occurrence. Therefore, it is essential to have antivirus software installed on your computer.

AV Test, an independent organization that examines and evaluates antivirus programs for Microsoft operating systems, conducted a study of 18 antivirus programs between the months of April and May of this year. During the tests, the programs were subjected to real and current threats where all their functions and protection tools were fully exploited.

One of the results is that all tested programs performed very well against cyber threats that were frequently widespread in the last 4 weeks of the study.

Likewise, they performed efficiently in detection and defense against day 0 attacks, coming from emails, malicious websites and the Internet in general. These so-called day 0 attacks or vulnerabilities occur when there is a flaw in the computer’s security system, giving free rein to viruses that enter the computer and infect it. This type of attack receives that name because at the moment it is detected there is no longer time to create a protection shield.

The study evaluated antivirus programs in 3 aspects:

1. Protection, the most important, evaluates the defense of anti-malware programs and other types of threats.

two. Performance, which examines whether or not the installation and operation of the antivirus negatively affects the performance of the computer’s processor, slowing it down, for example.

3. Usability, determines if the program causes difficulties when carrying out activities on the computer, presenting restrictions on Internet access or false alarm notifications, which correspond to alerts of possible attacks that are not actually occurring.

According to the study these are the 10 best antivirus for Windows


Its latest version is V3 Internet Security 9.0, this software managed to detect and eliminate all day 0 attacks from the computer, in addition to identifying recent threats created and spread on the web.


Its most recent editions are the “Free AntiVirus 22.1” and 22.2, the protection functions of this program are optimal, its free version also offers an efficient cyber security service to the system, however the protection tool against ransomware or data hijacking it is only available in premium versions.


With its latest versions, Internet Security 22.1 and 22.2, this antivirus for Windows computers, according to AV Test, obtained the highest rating in the categories of protection and performance, which means that it does not affect the operation of the computer.


Its most recent version is “Internet Security for Windows 1.1″. In this type of AV Test, the software has always presented a good performance and this time the program stood out because it includes an official VPN to browse the web privately and incognito, and some system optimization functions to improve performance. performance and speed of the computer.


Like the software before it, it has always received good reviews from AV Test and other organizations that have done antivirus performance studies. This antivirus won AV-Comparatives product of the year recognition 4 times. Its most recent version is “Internet Security 26.0″


Its latest version is “Total Security 25.5″ which, according to the study carried out, performed outstandingly in detecting day 0 threats.


Its edition, Total Security 16.0, optimally detected malicious URLs but made it difficult to detect phishing scams, such as suspicious emails.

It also performed efficiently in its anti-spam and firewall options, which is a tool to block access that has not been authorized by the user. However, its parental control function does not work properly and the program includes additional tools that are not very useful, according to AV Test.


It was rated with the “Internet Security 21.3″ version, in the aspect where it obtained the best results, it is in the detection of threats in web traffic, which allows its users to carry out more efficient searches on the Internet when notified of malicious sites.


Real-time scanning for threats and assessing system vulnerabilities, along with its multiple layers of protection, landed this program in the top 10. It also includes a browser extension that offers additional defense against phishing and site threats. Web.

Further down the list, Norton, McAfee, Total AV and PC Matic antivirus also appear, also with very good references by AV Test.

Secondly, Although Windows Defender did not make the top 10 list, it is considered one of the best antivirus programs on the market, even certified as a Top product by AV-Test.the same organization that carried out this evaluation.