The Batman new Trailer teases Catwoman for the Robert Pattinson movie

The Batman new trailer is here and it is known that it will make the internet red hot. Batman fans have long been waiting for a film in which Robert Pattinson plays their favorite superhero. Fortunately, the production premiere is just around the corner. Meanwhile, the trailer that has just been released tells us something about the onscreen relationship between the Dark Knight and the Catwoman.

A new trailer for “Batman” has just appeared on the web. The premiere of the movie in which Robert Pattinson plays Batman has been postponed more than once due to the coronavirus. After the hype train has started along with the announcements of other antagonists to appear on the screen, we have to be content with more teasers and trailers only for a moment. We knew from the beginning that there would be a new Batman different from the previous cinematic incarnations. And it’s not just about the controversial choice of actor for the title role. Matt Reeves announced that he intends to remind the world why the Dark Knight is called the best detective in the world.


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Batman – new trailer of the movie with Robert Pattinson

We’ll see in a new trailer how the Gotham City mayor candidate accuses Bruce Wayne of not doing enough for the city. Their conversation is interspersed with shots of Batman fighting the villains and the outline of the plot with the Riddler. However, this is not the highlight of the trailer.

Batman – trailer Batman trailer focuses mainly on the Dark Knight’s relationship with Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravitz. It is not the friendliest relationship, and there are several clashes between the masked heroes. You can feel a growing tension here, and the whole thing looks dark and intriguing.

Batman – when is the premiere?

After the shifts caused by the coronavirus situation, “Batman” is making its way to the big screen. We will be able to get to know the new incarnation of the Dark Knight in a few months. The film’s premiere is scheduled for March 4, 2022.


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