‘The Batman II’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Last of Us’: which projects have priority now that the writers’ strike is over

Well the strike is over. That of screenwriters, specifically, grouped under the WGA and with the idea of ​​stamping his signature on an official agreement this October 2nd. This does not mean that things have returned to normal, because the SAG-AFTRA which brings together Hollywood performers is still in the streets, preventing a large part of the industry’s filming from continuing. Still, the deal between the WGA and the AMPTP of the producers aims to accelerate negotiations with the union.

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And in the meantime, the screenwriters can write again. Although new footage cannot yet be shot, WGA members are allowed to continue writing and rewriting films or series whose pre-production was paralyzed by the strike, so even the studios have it in their power to prepare the sets for when the actors return. Which means, wow, that the industry is reactivating, and that every major It is now calibrating which projects are priorities to continue. Examine the situation Variety.

The simultaneous return to the sets will cause a clash when choosing locations: a logistical nightmare derived from competition between studios. “A ton of productions are going to get underway at exactly the same time,” says a source from Varietywhich also points out that the studios want to accelerate the pace of production and put aside new scripts, to focus on projects that were left halfway or that have been confirmed for a long time.

In the case of HBOFor example, we find that one of its most anticipated series, the dragon housewas able to continue filming thanks to the fact that the scripts were written when the WGA took to the streets, in addition to the decisive fact that its actors have their union contracts in United Kingdom. The end of the strike could lead, on the other hand, to HBO being encouraged to renew the dragon house for a third season, given how well the first installment of this prequel of Game of Thrones and the great expectations that exist with the second, scheduled for the summer 2024.

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Beyond the dragon housethe series that HBO prioritizes over writers are The White Lotus, Euphoria and The Last of Us: two third seasons and a second respectively. As for the chain’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discoveryyou would like nothing more than Matt Reeves take the opportunity to hurry up when writing The Batman II Given how well the first installment did with Robert Pattinson (and the cinematographic-television universe they want to build from it). Minecraft and Superman: Legacy of James Gunn They have practically complete scripts, while sometimes Bitelchús 2 of Tim Burton and Juror #2 of Clint Eastwood They only have a couple of scenes left to film.

Within paramountthe producers’ idea is to reactivate the different series of Star Trek and speed up the pace with Rainbow Six: new adaptation of Tom Clancy that would star Michael B. Jordan after No regrets. However, his most popular titles are Mission Impossible: Deadly Sentence – Part 2 and Gladiator 2whose filming was left unfinished while the release dates remain for the June 28, 2024 and the November 22, 2024. On the other hand, Disney is eager to finish filming Deadpool 3and keep the release date for the May 3, 2024.

Concluding with the big ones majors, Universal You find that you have to finish writing as soon as possible. Part 2 of Fast & Furious (since the premiere is scheduled for April 4, 2025), and with filming stopped in Oklahoma Twistersthe sequel to Twister with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glenn Powell, which had to be suspended when it had barely been in production for a week. Netflix, finally, has to urgently continue with Stranger Things (fifth and final season) and Wednesday (second season), since they are series that depend on the growth of their teenage performers.

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