“The Batman”: confirmed the premiere date on HBO Max

Trailer of the new adaptation of Batman starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves. (Warner Bros.)

Finally, batman It was released in theaters around the world and its passage through them was a great success. After years of preparation and filming included, Robert Pattinson managed to conquer the hearts of fans. In this new adventure, the Gotham bat He is in his second year as a vigilante and defender of justice in a fight against organized crime. For those who couldn’t see it in theaters, next April 18 it arrives on HBO Max.


The film is written and directed by Matt Reevesa self-confessed fan of comics Dark Knight and the universe of DC Comics. He was mostly inspired by the comics of Batman: Year Two, by Mike W. Barr, to explore this stage of the protagonist not so consolidated in his role as a vigilante and with a close link with police lieutenant Jim Gordon, played by Jeffrey Wright. Further from the millionaire Bruce Wayne, batman it became a new perspective on the character.

The film starring Pattinson will come to HBO Max on April 18 of this year, thus fulfilling the promise of 45 days from its projection in theaters, and in the same way that happened with other Warner Bros. film titles since their announcement of new sales from 2022. This release modality has its origin in the pandemic. The launch of the service streaming It was accompanied with the exclusivity of receiving from day one of its arrival in theaters, all the films of Warner Bros. Pictures. This was in the United States, in Latin America it was 35 days. For this year it was modified and everyone will receive Warner films within 45 days of their theatrical release.


batman It premiered on March 3 in theaters in Latin America and was a great success around the world. The numbers reflect commercial success. It is stipulated that the production cost was 100 million dollars and has grossed 735 million dollars worldwide. Without a doubt, a second part is on the way and that is why they released the extra scene of the joker from Barry Keoghan.

Barry Keoghan brings the Joker to life in “The Batman.” A recently released scene shows a bit more about this character who appeared briefly in the film. (Warner Bros.)

Robert Pattinson joins the long list of stars who have brought Bruce Wayne and Batman to life. under the vision of Matt Reeves, the interpreter becomes the darkest version of the masked man that is not intended to be an origin plot, but a story about his attempts to solve the great problems of a city drowned in crime and danger. More immersed in the torments and apprenticeship of the millionaire than of the hero.


The British actor was joined Zoe Kravitz like Catwoman, paul dano like The Riddler, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth Colin Farrell as El Pingüino (perhaps the film’s most accomplished performance), and Jeffrey Wright like Jim Gordon. It should be noted that these last two will return to their roles in the future for two original series -based on the same universe- that will be developed for the original content of hbo max.

TechMarkup spoke with Robert Pattinson about his work in “Batman”.

Commercially successful and critically acclaimed, batman had an excellent run through theaters and now it comes to hbo max on April 18 and then on April 23 to the channels of HBO.

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