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The artificial intelligence that turns any person or word into a Pokémon

Lionel Messi and Homer Simpson turned into a Pokémon. (photo: Text-To-Pokemon/Composition/Jose Arana)

Surely, many TechMarkup readers have ever wanted a Pokemon looked like a famous person or celebrity. And if not, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well now it’s possible thanks to Text-to-Pokemon. Is a artificial intelligence created by developers that allows to easily transform any character that a person can think of in the franchise of video game classic.

This AI is capable of turning any person or word into a Pokémon. In fact, it is very similar to artificial intelligence systems that can create images from a short text description. Among them is Dall-E either picture, property of Google.

In this case, the creator: Justin Pinky used Stable Diffusion, an AI that creates images from text and is open source, unlike Dall-E or Midjourney (among others).

Dwayne Johnson - The Rock, turned into a Pokémon.  (photo: Text-To-Pokemon)
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock, turned into a Pokémon. (photo: Text-To-Pokemon)

Text-to-Pokémon also works in a very simple way. All the user has to do is enter the name of a celebrity, a famous person (even from movies or any sports), as well as a president, and wait for the AI ​​to create a similar Pokémon.

On the other hand, it is possible to choose how many photographs will be taken with the person that is previously selected. Text to Pokemon also allows you to generate characters using any text description. So they don’t necessarily have to be famous people.

This is how this artificial intelligence can be used to create a Pokémon

Besides the laughs, the technology of this model is more than interesting. This is a model created by LambdaLabs and trained in Pokémon images. The creator claims that the total cost of creating this model was only USD$10, which is one of the possible reasons why it is open to all users, unlike DALL-E or Midjourney.

Before starting, it is important to emphasize that to use the tool created by Justin Pinkney thanks to Stable Diffusion it is necessary have a GitHub (or Google) account. So without further ado, here are the steps to create a Pokemon from any person or word:

1. Access the platform and sign in with a GitHub account

2. In the section ‘prompt’, select the name of the famous person or the type of Pokémon you want to create. For example “Lionel Messi”, “Dwayne Johnson” or “Darth Vader”. In the case of using descriptions, they should always be written in English.

3. in ‘num_outputs’, choose how many images you want to generate. These are generated completely randomly, so if you place four you will be able to see four different designs based on the description that the user has previously entered.

4. Finally, click on the button ‘Submit’ to create the image. The AI ​​takes a few seconds to spawn Pokémon. Once it’s ready, you can share it or download it to the device in .png format.

Darth Vader turned into a Pokémon.  (photo: Text-To-Pokemon)
Darth Vader turned into a Pokémon. (photo: Text-To-Pokemon)

This is Campfire, the Pokemon Go social network

Campfire is a companion app that works with all Campfire experiences. augmented reality of Nianticincluding Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom, Transformers: Heavy Metal Y Peridot.

campfire.  (photo: Niantic)
campfire. (photo: Niantic)

One of the most used tools of the application is the tab of ‘communities’ which is used to find nearby groups to make appointments with other trainers, organize events and plan activities together. Niantic wants it to be the “start page of the metaverse of the real world”.

And it is that this platform has emerged as a need for the players who have normally been organizing themselves in internet forums and groups in Telegram, Facebook, Discord either WhatsApp where they hold their meetings to play together, while others limit themselves to walking the streets alone to catch the pokemon.

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