The Apple A16 Bionic steps up in terms of GPU

The Apple A16 Bionic steps up in terms of GPU

Not everyone is overjoyed that only the two iPhone 14 Pro models received the 4 nm Apple A16 Bionic chip, not the slightly cheaper but still very expensive basic pair, but the truth is that the A15 Bionic performance and consumption it also packs in the most modern Android competitors in terms of indicators.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max resultsiPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max results iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max results [+]

As for the A16, the processor development is not significant according to the Geekbench metric, but AnTuTu already shows a more serious development. But the progress of the GPU is even more decisive, strengthening almost 30% compared to last year’s (and this year’s non-Pro) models.

Comparison of this year's and last year's top models
Comparison of this year’s and last year’s top models [+]

The Apple A16 Bionic is reportedly manufactured on TSMC’s 4 nm node, and this seems to be quite effective when comparing the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 with the spring version manufactured by Samsung. However, we are curious about the heat treatment of the new chip, and we plan to turn this curiosity into live experience next week.