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The AirPods Pro 1 and Max could have this exclusive feature of iOS 16.1

AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. (photo: Mobile News)

One of the main features of the AirPods Pro of second generation announced last September could also be available in the first generation models Y AirPods Max thanks to iOS 16.1 and a firmware update for both earphones.


As revealed by 9to5Mac, some users who have upgraded and have AirPods Pro since 2019 are seeing an option to activate the adaptive transparency in the settings.

This feature basically uses the H2 chip included in the AirPods Pro 2 and it works very similar to transparency mode where you can use both AriPods Pro Like the AirPods Max until now. This mode uses specially built-in microphones to receive external audio and play it back through the headphones.


The differences between ‘transparency mode’ and ‘adaptive transparency mode’ are explained in detail later.

However, it is not known if the ability to turn on adaptive transparency on the first generation AirPods Pro and AirPods Max is simply a bug in iOS 16.1. Please note that this version is still in beta phaseso some features may not make it to the final release.


Furthermore, according to Manzanaadaptive transparency works thanks to the H2 chip, which is currently only available in AirPods Pro 2.

How Transparency Mode Works on AirPods Pro 1

Transparency mode on the first AirPods Pro is a feature that allows some of the sounds of the outside world to come in while listening to music or other audio.

Manzana highlighted how transparency mode could help. A common example is that the user is listening to music on the plane while waiting for it to take off. The next thing is to listen to the captain’s announcement over the plane’s public address system.

Normally, you’d need to remove your earbuds to hear the announcement, but with Transparency Mode, you can simply change it to allow outside noise (the announcement) to come through your AirPods Pro, avoiding the need to remove them from your earphones. ears.

For activate it, the following steps must be followed:

1. With AirPods Pro in your ears and connected to your phone (and playing music), swipe down on your phone’s screen iPhone to open the Control center.

2. Press and hold the power indicator volume in Control Center (it will have an AirPods Pro icon).

3. Touch the blue button Noise Control/Noise Cancellation.

4. Now play Transparency (Transparency).

Transparency mode on AirPods 1. (photo: aatma)
Transparency mode on AirPods 1. (photo: aatma)

How adaptive transparency works on AirPods Pro 2

Adaptive Transparency on AirPods Pro 2 is an evolution of Transparency Mode on AirPods Pro 1. Adaptive Transparency works the same way and allows external sounds to come through AirPods Pro as well, but uses algorithms to better refine incoming external sounds.

Specifically, Adaptive Transparency allows you to hear external sounds like Transparency Mode did, but can minimize louder external noises like jackhammers or police sirens while letting in outside noise you want to hear.

The “adaptive” in Adaptive Transparency means that the mode can adapt to the types and levels of noise around you. Adaptive transparency is made possible in AirPods Pro 2 thanks to the new H2 chipset in the earbuds.

For activate it, the following steps will have to be followed:

1. Go to Setting.

2. Press on Bluetooth.

3. Touch the ‘Yo’ of the connected Airpods Pro 2.

4. Activate the ‘Adaptive transparency mode’.

Adaptive transparency mode. (photo:
Adaptive transparency mode. (photo:

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