The AdN Short Film Festival celebrates 20 editions with Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña as guests of honor

Not every day there are 20 editions, and less when you are the festival of longest running university short films in the country. It is the case of dnaThe festival of University short films that the University of Nebrija has been celebrating for two decades and that last night he lived in the callao cinemas one of his most memorable galas.

Thus, the gala started with a spectacular musical number to the rhythm of Britney Spears and his Gimme More to show that all eyes were on there and not on the Eurovision gala. After some student vs. alumni jokes from the presenters and the emotional speech by the rector José Muñiz after entering with the symphony of The Doorsthe turn came for two great filmmakers to give the final kick-off to the gala.

It was nothing less than isabel pena and Rodrigo Sorogoyenscriptwriter and director responsible for some of the best Spanish works of fiction in recent years, the last of which is the multi-award-winning as beasts. At a gala in which the importance of teamwork was claimed to carry out even the smallest projects, two masters of ceremonies took the stage who know what that is. Peña and Sorogoyen have been working since they were students, as illustrated by a small video-tribute prepared by the students and which included the participation of some of the actors or producers who have accompanied them since 2014 with Stockholm as well as other filmmakers to whom this duo has served as a great inspiration.

Those responsible for may god forgive us, The kingdom either Riot Control They were not the only honorary winners. The already classic RTVE program Cine de Barrio won the Social Award of this edition for its commendable work after so many years in the diffusion and dissemination of our cinema, with a video of its presenter Alaska including. After a prelude of such magnitude, it was time to move on to the most important thing, the finalist short films that the students had presented.

Friendship, loneliness, learning to mature and, above all, music were some of the most recurring themes among the twelve finalist shorts. The influence of other disciplines such as the video clip and a much more modern language open to technology were palpable in works that exuded authenticity and passion. There were all kinds; emotional documentaries like since 1936proposals with a very marked aesthetic such as Fried eggs either Spiraxor as we have already said, works highly influenced by music such as between strings, Psycho Killer either The morning sons.

After announcing the winners for the best Ibero-American short, since in this edition the University of Nebrija has had Mexico as the guest country, it was time to announce the winners. The prizes for best sound and later for best artistic direction went to the TFG, a work that precisely valued the importance of art but also of the friendship and love forged in the process. The award for best editing and post-production went to snoopingprobably the funniest and most casual short in a musical montage about the love affair of two young people to the rhythm of the song of the same name by hot asshole. In addition, Spirax won the award for best photography.

The final stretch was approaching and with it the festival’s jackpots. The prizes for best script first and for best performance later went to Exit, undoubtedly one of the most applauded in its ingenious and comic allegation of an actress who flees from her role and begins to be persecuted by the media. The award for best director went to Natalia Salvatierra for I’m tiredthe drama of a young woman accompanied by the music of labrinth with clear echoes of Euphoria. The audience award went to Well nothe story of two young people on a bench after a bachelorette party, while the great award was taken gazpachuelo, the story of a young woman trying to prepare the famous Malaga dish with catastrophic consequences. In conclusion, a gala full of passion and self-confidence from which we don’t know if the next Peña and Sorogoyen will emerge, but it certainly shows that there is talent to be exploited.

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