Home Entertainment The actress Rocío Borrallo (‘La peste’) dies at the age of 42

The actress Rocío Borrallo (‘La peste’) dies at the age of 42

The actress Rocío Borrallo ('La peste') dies at the age of 42

The Sevillian actress Rocío Borrallo has died at the age of 42 for reasons that have not been specified, as reported on its social networks by the production company Mundo Ficción, with which he filmed the world is yours in 2018.

On his social media, he manager of Mundo Ficción and director of the world is yours, Alfonso Sanchezhas mourned the unexpected death of “a wonderful actress, who adored acting”, and defines her as “a good person who loved life”.

It leaves unexpectedly and too soon, leaving a deep sadness in which we had the opportunity to share the path with her”, he adds.

In addition to various roles in theater, Rocío Borrallo participated in series and films such as Plague (2018), the world is yours (2018), ignorance of blood (2014), the flight of the train (2011), Father Medina (2009) and The descent (2006).

For its part, the Academy of Performing Arts of Andalusia has said that this “theater, film, television actress and model” will be remembered “for her smile and her sincere hugs.”

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