The acclaimed novel that Scorsese is going to make into a movie and you should read before the movie arrives

This October 20 Martin Scorsese premieres The Moon Killers. A great blockbuster, so expensive that paramount associate with Manzanawhich investigates the founding of the FBI and the original sins of the United States, and features in the cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone and Robert DeNiro. After passing through Cannes Film Festival There are reasons to look forward to it, but another compelling reason is that it is based on a very prestigious original book, by David Grann.

Scorsese connects with Grann’s pen, and another pending project he has now is to adapt The Wager. Although he is only one of them, to tell the truth: as he clarified in an interview with time has “a lot” on the agenda. Let’s review. This The Wager, of course. Then a biopic of Jerry Garcia of Grateful Deadas well as another of Teddy Roosevelt that her beloved DiCaprio would play. There is also a mysterious film about Jesus (Scorsese once unleashed the biggest scandal of his career with The last temptation of Christ) and the adaptation of a novel, home.

home It is a peculiar choice. Unlike the titles mentioned, the original novel by Marilynne Robinson requires a smaller and more intimate production, with few characters and locations. home It tells how two brothers return to the Broughton home. One is Jack, who returns home after twenty years of absence suffering from alcoholism and hiding multiple secrets, which force him to argue at all hours with his father, a very traditional reverend. The other is his sister Glory, with whom Jack will forge a close bond.

The film would, therefore, be a melodrama of a lifetime, based on a novel that has received excellent reviews. In fact, it has been classified as “literary miracle”and has been published in Spain by Gutenberg Galaxyunder the title At home. Robinson published the book in 2012, adding to a mini-saga she has been working on that always takes place in the same place. Gilead (not to be confused with the dictatorial republic of The Handmaid’s Tale).

Cover of ‘At Home’
Gutenberg Galaxy

Scorsese has fallen in love with his characters, and today At home It is one of his next projects. To his 80 years He doesn’t plan to retire, and you probably have time to read the novel before it makes the leap to the movies.

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