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The ABC to start on Twitter and become an expert

Twitter has been in the sights of all after being bought by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. Although the social network It has millions of users around the world, there are those who still do not have their profile and could be interested in being part of the popular platform.


Despite living in a digitized world, there are still many people who do not know how to navigate the Internet correctly, create profiles on social networks, much less how to use their accounts to take advantage of them. In that sense, below is the step by step of how to become a Twitter expert from scratch.

Create a profile

Of course the first step is to open an account. Those who have one can jump to the next point.


After opening the Internet browser and entering the Twitter page, you must click on the option Create profile then enter an email and phone number, choose a name, a profile picture and background image. Finally, only the account must be accessed. It is recommended enable two-step authentication for more security.

How to use Twitter like a pro

what follows is connect with topics of interest, for that you have to start following people, create or follow lists, for example music, movies, fashion, news, sports, etc. By following someone you subscribe to the “news”. When that person posts a new Tweet, it will appear on the timeline.


Don’t forget about the topics. These help you find out everything about a topic, including tweets, content, events, and announcements. The platform will suggest some themes to follow as you scroll on startup, or they can be selected from the Themes menu.

As some conversations are not for everyone there is the option of Communities. It is a way to find people who want to talk about the same things and with which you can connect more easily.

These usually have a Creator who administers the rules of the community and a Moderator, who helps monitor Tweets, hide and report. to be part of a Community you can receive an invitation from Moderator or another member of the same, as well as request it directly in the Community when selecting Join.


It should be noted that there visible tweets in the timeline of the Community and its members. Also by directly sharing the link to the tweet.

To know the most popular topics that everyone is talking about at the moment, there is the section on Trends. Trends For you are personalized and appear according to the accounts followed, interests and location, while general show what is being talked about in the region.

basics for twitter

Do not forget that tweets can contain videos, links, polls, GIFs and text (280 characters). If more than one tweet is needed to tell an anecdote and opinion, they can be used. Threads that allow several tweets to be connected to each other.

They can also be included #hashtags which are used to categorize topics, allowing people to easily follow the conversations that interest them and #spaceslive audio conversations that anyone can create, join and listen to.

Finally, it should be noted that it is possible to decide who can reply to tweets, choose whether anyone can reply or only those who are followed or mentioned; block accounts; mute a person so their tweets don’t appear in the timeline without having to block or unfollow the account and mute specific words or hashtagsideal to avoid spoilers.

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