The 9 applications that every Apple Watch must have: health control, exercises, work and more

The 9 applications that every Apple Watch must have: health control, exercises, work and more
Apple Watch has hundreds of applications available (Photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo)

The Apple Watch of the Cupertino, California brand, was launched several years ago and has hundreds of Applications. How will users of the Smart Watchesnot all applications are good or necessary, so here you can find a list of the most useful

Some of the collected best apps for apple watch in order that users can choose what they want to wear on the screen of their wrist.

In the app store you can find some that are for productivity and even for games, so it will also be up to the user to choose the ones that best suit their lifestyle.

Apps away from home

1.City mapper is an app for Apple Watch ideal for those who leave the house a lot. This app helps to see the status of public transport and the details of routes in real time. It also helps by giving directions to fixed destinations such as work and home, showing available public transport and live departures.

two. iTranslate It is an ideal application for those who will travel abroad on vacation or work. Help translate spoken words by pressing the microphone icon: the language to translate is selected at the bottom. It has many languages ​​so it will be very helpful, both to understand what others are saying and to communicate with local people.

3.Apple Maps It is similar to Google Maps, and although it does not have the best reputation, it works well on Apple Watch, since you can ask Siri to give directions to an address using the watch; vibrates to alert when the next turn to the right, left and more is approaching.

4. Uber: Although it is an application focused on mobile phones, on the watch it can be useful to request a trip without having to take out the phone. Although you don’t have as many options it will tell you how long to wait and the information from the driver.

Apps for Apple Watch.  (photo: TecnoApps)
Apps for Apple Watch. (photo: TecnoApps)

For productivity and health

5.Pillow is the ideal app to monitor sleep with a comfortable and simple interface. Shows the quality of sleep for the last night.

6. focus It is for those who need help concentrating and being more productive. It is centered on the pomodoro technique which consists of using a timer to divide work into blocks of time with breaks in between. It also has a task planner, activity tracking, among other options.

7. Athletic it is focused on tracking athletic performance, i.e. it measures recovery time and effort after and before a workout, but can simply be used to monitor cardiovascular loads even when the user is not exercising. will be ideal for those who follow the intermittent fasting dietas it helps the user to keep track of the time it takes to complete a session.

Athletic app.  (photo: Athletic)
Athletic app. (photo: Athletic)


9. Carrot: This app offers a great version of the weather that gives current forecasts and times in a unique way.

Apps for Apple Watch.  (photo: TecnoApps)
Apps for Apple Watch. (photo: TecnoApps)

You can also take advantage of the options AppleFitness+ such as Collections, Time to Run and Time to Walk, which include music, accompaniment by famous trainers, among other options that help motivate you to exercise and achieve your goals.