The 8 online quizzes to test how much you know about English

English tests.  (photo: English courses abroad)
English tests. (photo: English courses abroad)

On some occasions, many readers do not know exactly what their English level.

But for users to set realistic goals for learning English, they need to know precisely what the starting point is. To help, TechMarkup has compiled the 8 best online english tests to test you.

Some of the tests that have been included are completed in a few minutes, others will take a little longer. In addition, they focus on different areas of learning English and have different response methods, so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and objectives.

For extra motivation It is recommended from time to time and so you can see how the results improve. And as always, remember that practice makes perfect.

General English and grammar test

1. Cambridge English Language Assessment

The page of the famous Cambridge exams (First, Advanced and others) has an online test so that people know which exam they should take.

In addition to giving a good idea of ​​the level, it is one of the fastest to do, since it only consists of 25 questions multiple answer.

two. I Like Internet English Test

With these 20 English vocabulary questions you will be able to know what level of English you have; there are very easy words, intermediate words or expressions, and difficult or higher level words.

english test
english test

3. level test

If you have a little more time, TechMarkup recommends this online test with 72 questions. Some are multiple choice, but most will have to fill in the gaps.

And if you want to review the questions you missed, there are plenty of exercises just a click away.

Four. Advanced English Test

The definitive English macrotest. Before starting, you will be able to choose which sections to examine: verb forms, grammar, vocabulary or, if you dare, all three at the same time.

If this last option is chosen, they will have to respond to nothing less than 601 questions.

Advanced English Test
Advanced English Test

English vocabulary test

5. Vocabulary size test

How many English words are recognized by the user? This test tells the total size of the vocabulary from the answers to 50 multiple choice questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

When finished, it shows the results in a graph and allows you to share them in Facebook. Competition with friends is definitely guaranteed.

6. Test Tak

test with 100 multiple choice questions selected from among 6,295 entries. In each question a word is shown in English and the correct meaning must be chosen from four options in Spanish.

It will be possible see immediately if you got each question right, which is very useful to maintain motivation. Also, if the user makes a mistake, he can select another answer so that he is not left without knowing which one is correct.

English vocabulary test
English vocabulary test

listening test

7. Quiz

A 20-minute test that assesses the level of listening comprehension in English following the scale of the European framework (from A2 to C2).

8. ESL Cyber ​​Listening Lab

If you want to improve your listening level, this is a very good page to practice taking tests.

Here you can find dozens and dozens of English tests focused on listening with different levels and topics: general, basic, with video, to prepare for official exams.

English listening test
English listening test