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The 6 TikTok challenges that are trending

Tiktok has achieved its popularity by videas about challenges or challenges that managed to seduce youth and adults.


That is why TechMarkup has made a compilation of the six most viral challenges of the moment on TikTok.

Symmetry Challenge


Surely there are many people who have no idea if their face is 100% symmetrical or not. If you are one of the users who is curious about this, you can do the “#SimetriaChallenge”, which consists of apply symmetric effect filters and remove it to see the difference in the face.

There is no doubt, this is one of these very humorous Tiktok challenges and it is worth a try. Some gave them good results; It is a matter of being encouraged to try it.


Pass the brush challenge

“#PassTheBrushChallenge” is one of the best TikTok challenges you can do at home. What is it? Very simple. In the first scene, the tiktoker will appear very natural looking. The brush will then cover the camera momentarily, and when removed, the person will appear with a glamorous look and amazing makeup.

This trend has gone viral on the platform, bringing together millions of users of different nationalities, ages and genders who want to participate in this challenge.


Plank Challenge

“#Plankchallenge” is one of the challenges of the platform that is best given to carry out, and even more so if it is about people who do not like to leave the home for the care of the pandemic.

This challenge falls in wonders during the current situation because it motivates people to perform physical activity at a time when, perhaps, many people neglected their weight and gained a few extra kilos.

The challenge consists of adopt plank position but with a variant of recharging the elbows, the palms of the hands and making movements with the legs to the rhythm of the melody Pretty Girl Remix of singer Maggie Linderman at high speed.

Although it seems like a fairly simple action, it requires endurance, balance, coordination and, of course, a lot of desire to do it. Without a doubt, this challenge will be able to be seen for a long time in 2022.

Bralette Challenge

This challenge has recently become a trend. “#Bralettechallougegenge” is wearing a lace bra that you no longer wear and cutting a subtle shape (push up) to turn it into a bralette.

This is a creative and interesting way for Tiktok challenges to give you a hand with unused clothes, giving them a second chance.

Perfect Loop Challenge

“#PerfectLoopChallenge” is to use the best skills to record a video where you have to create a loop.

Only need record and stop the video at the exact moment it is perfect and create the illusion of endless playback.

Level Up Challenge

“#levelupchallenge” comes from singer Ciara’s promotional video release for her track “Level Up”

On this occasion, the song has become a trend through a challenge in which the user recreates the energy of the song’s choreography and shows how they can be able to “level up” with your steps.

As you can see, there are a lot of TikTok challenges to do at home where users will be able to have fun letting creativity fly.

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