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The 6 technological innovations for security in the world

Technological innovations in the security sector

One of the sectors that has benefited most from technological advances in recent times are security companies and organizations. Most of these innovations are part of what is known as the Internet of Things (IOT), since they are elements that are connected to the network and make use of cloud storage systems to manage the collected data.

Now, the challenge could be to continue working on the development of much more sophisticated security systems for IoT devices that reduce the vulnerabilities to which these devices are sometimes exposed.

On the occasion of this year’s International ESS+ Security Fair, which takes place in Bogotá, Colombia, they have been able to meet some of the most relevant technological innovations for the sector.

surveillance drones

agriculture drones
agriculture drones

Undoubtedly, drones have become one of the most used tools by companies, not only to make short-distance shipments or take records of goods in logistics warehouses, they have also been programmed to be powerful security guards.

These small flying devices are sometimes configured with artificial intelligence to make perimeter tours every certain period of time. and identify foreign bodies or intruders in the area. But not only drones are being used, unmanned aircrafts are also being widely used by security teams in different parts of the world.

Another field is agriculture, digital technologies are improving productivity and safety, in fact, they attract young people, as it is said that many of them are going to the city, leaving aside the traditions of working in the fields.

electronic locks

They began to be used more frequently during the pandemic as a way to avoid contact with objects and surfaces that could be contaminated, since These are activated and deactivated from a mobile application, that is, they no longer require manual use.

However, they have also been very practical for security circuits in buildings and different installations that require high protection standards.

Artificial intelligence in video surveillance systems

Now security systems have artificial intelligence algorithms (Photo: Pixabay)
Now security systems have artificial intelligence algorithms (Photo: Pixabay)

If it weren’t for artificial intelligence, these elements would not be anything new or surprising for users since from the outside they could look like typical surveillance rooms.

The interesting thing is that fewer and fewer officers are needed to watch these cameras day and night, becausenow the systems have algorithms that allow them to identify foreign elements or intruders within the protected areas or in its surroundings. During the health emergency by Covid – 19 they were very useful to detect crowds and people without masks.

face recognition

Several years ago people might have thought that the technology shown in Hollywood police and forensic series, such as facial recognition systems, would not be possible. However, on this occasion reality has surpassed fiction and over time this type of algorithm has been implemented even more.

For example, by installing these artificial intelligence systems in public spaces such as parks or shopping malls, authorities have a better chance of finding a fugitive from justice.

At the International Security Fair they released figures that alert society. Latin America, With only 8% of the world population, it represents 33% of homicides, more than 2.5 million people have been murdered in the last 20 years, 40 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are in the region and there are 14 of the 25 countries with the highest rates of femicide.

It is considered the most unequal region on the planet where the richest 10% receive 37% of income and the poorest 40% only 10% of this.}

The secretary of economic development of the Mayor’s Office of Rionegro, Antioquia, Andrés Aristizábal, stated that in his municipality “there is a monitoring strategy led by the Secretary of Government, with around 50 PTZ cameras powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies and 4K high definition of Hikvision, located in strategically selected places”.

With this type of system it is possible to monitor the safety of the inhabitants even in real time.

Technology to attend to the health emergency by covid-19

Technology developed during Covid 19
Technology developed during Covid 19

Since today’s society had to face a pandemic, biological risks became a fundamental pillar of companies and security systems, Even existing technologies were developed or adapted in record time just to prevent contagion in public spaces.

For example, the cameras that manage to identify a person’s face and their health status in order to minimize contagion.

Perhaps these devices were the most popular during the pandemic, on television it was shown how these cameras took the temperature of people and passers-by without having to do it manually.

Thermal cameras designed to detect the temperature of people from a distance
Thermal cameras designed to detect the temperature of people from a distance

Cameras with real-time data analysis

These devices were installed codes that helped the staff of restaurants and other establishments to control the capacity of visitors, If the place reaches its occupancy limit, an alarm will notify the managers.

Likewise, these cameras can count the time of permanence of the clients inside the establishmentand as in the previous case, it will send a signal notifying the workers of some type of alert.


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