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The 6 recommendations for a very successful sexting

Keys to perform good sexting. (photo: IntraMed)

Virtual dating is still the boom in modern times. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Ashley Madison, the world’s leading dating site for married couples, most members say they are more likely to establish a relationship online than in person; especially women, who have a lot to say about their likes and dislikes.

In fact, 79% of women surveyed prefer online dating to face-to-face meetings, compared to 59% of men. But be realistic: online dating is not always easy. Sometimes, what men find sexy, women find unattractive, I feel that what can divide those who could make a good couple.

“When you make a move on a dating app, you can’t gauge the recipient’s reaction in real time, and that makes it hard to know what’s working and what isn’t,” he says. Christoph Kraemer, Executive Director for Latin America of Ashley Madison.

“We have verified that men and women often play by different rules, and women are often bombarded with messages and images that men may find effective, but actually put them out of the running. Luckily, we have women’s vision for how men can thrive in the world of online dating,” she adds.

Mentioned above, here is 6 secrets to have a good sexting, according to data from this latest survey by Ashley Madison:

1. You never get a second chance to make first impressions.

Your profile comes first when a potential partner notices you, so take some time to make it eye-catching.

31% are attracted to interesting biographies and 29% are profile photos, so it is better to let the personality shine and at the same time, take some high-quality photos.

In addition, 26% of women are attracted to a profile based on what is being searched for; being honest about dating goals It will definitely help you find your match.

Online dating.  (photo: Week)
Online dating. (photo: Week)

2. Women just want to have fun

From a one night stand with friends with benefits to fun dates, 42% of women are looking for something comfortable and untethered.

With so many women looking for excitement and sex without commitment, men need to let go of any stereotype that women don’t like impulsive actions.

3. Being spicy is good, but don’t overdo it

While unsolicited nudes may not be the best resource, that doesn’t mean consensual sex is off the table.

59% of women love the conversation phase at least two weeks before sex, becoming spicy.

44% of women consider sexting to be “really stimulating” and 36% use it to talk more freely about their sex drive.

After respectfully greeting a potential partner and warming them up with some small talk, it’s good to experiment with flirty texts to add excitement and learn how to please them.

Sexting.  (photo: Different Latitudes)
Sexting. (photo: Different Latitudes)

4. Calm, always calm

While men don’t mind being propositioned on the first text or receiving unsolicited flirtations or nudity, women yes.

82% of men who sent someone an unsolicited scantily clad or fully nude photo said they thought the recipient was aroused or intrigued. As a result, only 35% of women agreed.

5. Stylish dates

Whether it’s broken up in person, over the phone or via text, 76% of men are transparent about ending relationships with partners they met in person.

Unfortunately, only 59% said the same among people they met in Internet. Most people appreciate closure no matter how they found it, so avoid tactics like ghosting, benching. always have to be honest about it.

Meaning of ghosting.  (photo: Zoraida Rodriguez Vilchez)
Meaning of ghosting. (photo: Zoraida Rodriguez Vilchez)

6. The benefits are endless

For both men and women, online dating has many advantages, including access to a larger and more diverse dating pool (66%), ease of connecting with potential partners (56%) and convenience (49%) .

So once a profile has been created, always You have to set goals for a relationship.

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