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The 6 most common mistakes among users when using WhatsApp

Many users can commit errors when using WhatsApp and not realizing it, so it is necessary that they recognize what they are failing in and thus be able to correct their habits before they violate their account.

block whatsapp

It is important that users block WhatsApp regardless of the phone, in this way there will be no risk that someone who is temporarily using the mobile or knows the password can access the application and review the chats.

For this it is necessary to choose in Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock. It will no longer matter if you leave your mobile phone unlocked on the table because there will be no risk of someone opening the messaging app.

Auto delete messages

WhatsApp recently added a feature that allows users to choose their messages automatically self-destruct every 24 hours. This mode can be configured so that all messages disappear, without affecting existing conversations.

In addition, you can select between having the messages disappear every 24 hours and every 90 days. You must go to Settings> Account> Privacy and then activate the Default duration of messages.

Remember that someone can still take a screenshot of the chat before the messages disappear. If you’re discussing a controversial topic with someone unreliable, it’s best to keep everything off the Internet.

whatsapp code

There is a scam that must be taken into account. This is a cyber attack in which someone is looking for steal an account through WhatsApp verification code.

The attacker sends a message pretending to be a friend who just lost his account and almost at the same time, a text message or WhatsApp email arrives with the verification code that the hacker requested.

Pretending to be a friend, he says that he accidentally requested the verification code to his number and you need the six digits to be sent to you to recover the account. In this case, it should be clear that the key is only sent when attempts are made to make changes to the account and that the code should never be shared, even if you requested it, as full control of the account could be lost.

Disable file autosave

The best is make sure all media files are not being automatically saved so that the phone’s storage does not fill up quickly, and in case you are away from home, so that the data service lasts longer. To activate it, you must go to Settings> Storage and data and there deactivate the boxes for downloading multimedia files.

Double authentication factor

It is important that users on all of their accounts have the two-step authentication to prevent someone from stealing them. This is an additional step to verify WhatsApp phone number and keep hackers away.

Normally people trust each other and believe that they would never be the target of a cybercriminal, without knowing that everyone is a good prey, so no more time should be allowed to pass. To activate you must go to Settings> Account> Verification in two steps> Activate and then enter a 6-digit PIN that WhatsApp will always ask for when the number is registered.


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