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The 6 best driving simulators for Android and iOS

Drive a car It is one of those activities that every human being should know And of course, it is necessary to know in depth about the traffic signs, because it is not known when it could be a necessity to drive, such as an emergency.

However, sometimes learning to drive is not as easy as anyone can imagine, especially when parking, because there are some variations such as the position, the inclination of the caramong others.

Fortunately, there are many Applications for the smart phones that can help the user with simulating driving a car, as well as learn to park and have on the screen cell phone different theoretical exams.

Next, TechMarkup brings a series of driving simulators. Many applications seem video game; However, the interface of each of these applications is quite realistic.

Driving School – Simulator of Cars and Cars

Although it is designed as a game, this application fully fulfills the functionality of a virtual and mobile driving academy. Includes all driving rules and regulations a driver should know (know how to parallel park, back up, get on and off).

For a better user experience, the app has provided more than 1,000 car models, from motorcycles to trucks. There is more of 280 levels that will challenge the user to drive without leaving home. It is available on devices iOS and Android.


One of the requirements to drive a car is to have driver’s license. To achieve this, it is necessary to pass a theoretical and practical exam, and one of the best apps available that can help in this process is PractaVial.

This app has extensive knowledge of driver’s license exams. In addition, users will have the opportunity to learn all the necessary theory, take mock exams as many times as you want and much more.

As if that were not enough, it also has a section for ‘Common driving mistakes’especially when parking.

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

Another alternative to learn to park and learn for the driving test is DMV Permit Practice Test Genie. Through this great application you can learn the laws and regulations of different countries in Latin America.

You can also do an exam simulation and get the grade instantly. What makes this iOS app be different are the different scenarios in which the user’s knowledge will be tested against a series of common problems that occur in real life.

This training mode has different levels; obviously the more you advance, the more difficult it becomes than the previous one.

Car Driving Games

If there are any readers who are thinking of buying their first car and want a little practice before they start driving, it would be good to install Car Driving Games.

This simulator is quite accurate in terms of the scale of the cars, the roads, their locations, the traffic signs and everything in their environment.

It apparently has different training modes, one of which is ‘Learn to drive’ where the user will have to drive his car with maximum precision through parking lots, paths to each other and maneuver in real traffic.

Either way, the goal will be to get to the designated parking spot and follow all traffic regulations while managing to park the car correctly.

Driving School 3D

This app uses sports cars recent for a more sophisticated experience. It includes a car simulator that allows the user to move around the city. When drivers drive the vehicle, they teach you about traffic signs and other rules.

It should be noted that these options are available in the free android version. However, if you want other more complete functions, you have to opt for the paid version.

Driving Simulator

This mobile emulator can be installed on Android mobile phones.

It includes 3d technology to make the experience more real. In addition to the traffic signs to respect, users can choose to drive around the city as a taxi driver, courier or food delivery person.

Although it works like a game, this app provides the basics and important background on what it means to get behind the wheel.

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