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The 5 websites to create avatars

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Since the metaverse became very popular among Internet users, avatars have become a trend that has been well received in today’s society, and social networks offer their own tools to create animations of themselves, which can even be use as emoji

With these booming charts, people have decided to use them as profile photos on their social networks to maintain some anonymity and thus avoid being exposed more than necessary. But avatars can not only be created through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, there are many more options on the internet to give it a different touch.


This is one of the websites that offers the most customization options, according to some internet users, it is very difficult to find two identical avatars that have been created on this platform, because you can find various design alternatives such as AnimeGirl, Potrait, ChildBaby, CharaToon, Wedding Card or CharaSelf.

In addition to the avatar style, you can choose from a wide variety of haircuts, eyes, noses, colors, body types, skin tones, clothing, accessories, and many more features.

South Park Avatars
South Park Avatars

South Park is an animated series for adults that has been very successful throughout its existence. Some of his scenes are now viral shorts on the internet and on different social networks, but he also has a website where all your fans will be able to create their own avatars inspired by the show’s characters like Eric Cartman.

To start on the web, you must choose the skin tone of the avatar that, very much in the style of the series, meets the racial stereotypes of American society: between white, Asian, Latino, black or Jersey tan. After going through this section, you will be able to choose your clothes and accessories.

Create your avatar

This is one of the easiest websites to use to create avatars, since its interface is very intuitive, it is not necessary to register and after having created the animation, all you have to do is share it or download it.

It may not offer as much variety for customization as other platforms, but with the options available it will be enough to create an avatar very similar to yourself. As in most sites, you will have to start by marking the gender and from then on you will select the skin tone, the color of the eyes, the shape of the face, and various other aspects.

kawaii avatar

anime style avatars
anime style avatars

This is the ideal site for lovers of anime aesthetics and other similar types of graphics, since users can create their own character and then let their imagination run wild with stories that are created in their minds in the best style of “Avatar” or “Sailor Moon”.

However, if the aforementioned site does not have as many customization possibilities, in Avatar Kawaii they are even more limited, but since the objective of the platform is not to generate hyper-realistic animations, with the functions it offers it will be more than enough to get one. anime or kawaii version of himself.

toon me

Contrary to Avatar Kawaii, on this website the results will be very realistic because the goal is to turn a photograph into a drawing that can be used as an avatar on social networks.

Once the photograph chosen by the user has been uploaded to the site, different styles and techniques will be shown to generate the final result, in addition, the platform offers several more tools to try.


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