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The 5 useful functions that will arrive with iOS 16 to the iPhone in the coming weeks

New apps and features for iPhone and iPad could reach Apple users before the end of 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

The new update of iOS 16.1 is now available for iPhone users, just like the operating system of the new iPad which were presented a few days ago by Manzana in a post on his website official. Although these updates software they have integrated new functions, not all the ones that were announced are operational.


However, in the coming weeks and before the end of the 2022new Applications Y functions They will be launched for all devices that are compatible with them and that users can enjoy their benefits.

these are five functions Y Applications that will reach all compatible devices with iOS 16 Y iPad OS 16 through small updates of the system:

iPadOS 16: External display support


Designed for people who are oriented to performing tasks or activities simultaneously on their iPad and Mac, the Stage Manager of iPadOS has the ability to display up to 4 applications at the same time on the device screen.

External display support in iPadOS 16 (macrumors)
External display support in iPadOS 16 (macrumors)

This distinctive feature of the new operating system of the iPadwill offer a multi-screen support with which it will be possible to work at the same time with up to eight application windows at the same time integrating the work of Mac with the tablet Manzana.


However, although this feature is currently enabled on iPad with the new operating systemthe support multiscreen will take time to arrive due to a delay announced by Apple and that could be seen in future versions of the iPad OS 16 before the end of the year.

SharePlay to play with friends

For users more related to the gamingthe operating systems of iOS 16 Y iPad OS 16 offer a new way to share gaming sessions with friends or family thanks to the special graphic features of the iPhone 14 with the use of Share Play.

The iPhone 14 offers a better graphics experience for gamers. (Manzana)
The iPhone 14 offers a better graphics experience for gamers. (Manzana)

This new functionality will allow you to make calls by face time and at the same time play a video game with the integration of Game Center and the function of multiplayer of the mobile apps.

This feature has already started its expansion and in the coming weeks it could be used by people interested in playing some kind of game. videogame in their devices.

Collaborative work with Freeform

This new application converts the iPad in a collaborative work area in which users can carry out sessions of creative development simultaneously through the platform.

Freeform app on iPad (Apple)
Freeform app on iPad (Apple)

With free form as area of productivityteamwork can be done seamlessly using notes, shared files, photos, web links, videos, drawings, documents, etc.

This app will reach iOS, iPad OS Y macOS in the coming weeks and will allow users to work on the same virtual space no matter what platform is used.

Satellite signal for the Emergency SOS function

During the announcement of the launch of the new iPhone 14it was found that the new devices of Manzana will have the possibility to send emergency messages through a connection satellite that will allow the user to have a mobile signal despite being in a space without connectivity.

<a href=Emergency Satellite Connection in iOS 16 (9to5mac)” height=”512″ width=”1024″ class=”” src=”” “(min-width: 800px) 50vw, 90vw” loading=”lazy”>
Emergency Satellite Connection in iOS 16 (9to5mac)

Already at the end of September it was rumored that the version of iOS 16.1 would allow users to explore how the full version of the feature would work. However, the full function will not arrive until november this year for users of iPhone.

Access to this function will be available at any time through the settings menu. sos emergencylocated within the application Setting once the option is enabled with the next update of the operating system. To do this, users must be outdoors and with a clear sky to be able to find the connection with the satelite.

Classical music on Apple Music

With the acquisition of Primephonica service of streaming of classical music, Apple announced the launch of an in-app service of Apple Music intended solely for this type of contents during this year.

Get Apple Music for free. (Photo: Capture)
Get Apple Music for free. (Photo: Capture)

Although this function not yet reach the users and there are only a few months left until the end of the year 2022it is known that it is being developed by the technology company and could see the light before the end of the year.


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