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The 5 tools to limit haters and avoid bullying on Instagram

Instagram It has a series of tools that help limit unwanted interactions in the social network. It is possible to add filters to avoid seeing offensive comments, add layers of privacy to the profile and even limit the forms of contact with some users.

These are options that the service has been adding over the years with the aim of reducing situations of bullying, bullying and other forms of aggression that usually come from the hand of haters and other types of users.

This note reviews some of the available options and how to configure them.

1. Set the profile to private

When this option is activated, only those users who are accepted will be able to see the profile in question. To make use of this alternative, you must enter Settings/Privacy and then activate the option “private account” It’s at the top, next to a lock icon.

2. Limit unwanted interactions

This tool allows you to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages. These will not be seen unless the person approves them and it is possible to indicate how long you want this filter to be in force.

This setting was developed to help people who feel they are being harassed online.. The system recommends groups of accounts with which you may want to activate this option, such as accounts that do not follow the user or recent followers. In any case, the user ultimately decides how and with whom to apply this option. This setting is also in the privacy section mentioned abovewithin Interactions.

3. Hidden words

This option allows you to hide comments that could be offensive. It is possible to set the automatic mode or configure the custom option, where the user selects words, phrases and emojis that they want to be hidden. The tool is located at Settings/Privacy/Interactions.

4. Block comments

Another very useful alternative that is also found in the section Privacy/Interactions en Comments. From here you can choose to block comments from certain users or set custom filters by type of words used.

5. Limit mentions

It is known as “mentions” to the tool that enables other users to adore a profile and it appears in the selected stories, comments, texts or live. In this section, within Privacy, you can choose to allow mentions of everyone, only the people you follow, or no one.

6. Accounts restricted, blocked or silenced

Within Settings/Privacy/Connections the user can choose between three options: restricted/blocked/muted accounts. when activated restricted accountsthe user temporarily limits contact with certain accounts without the need to block or unfollow them. The user who was restricted does not know that this option was activated with him or her.

This tool establishes that only the user who activates it and the restricted person see the new comments What do you do in the posts? In turn, the chats will be moved to the “Message Requests” folder, so, by default, they will not be able to see when the user who restricted them is connected or if they read their messages.

This setting differs from blocking, as blocked accounts cannot send messages or comments, to the users who blocked them. They also cannot see if the person is online, or view their stories or posts.

The lock works from both sideswith which the person who activated the block will also not be able to view the profile of the person who blocked.

The most subtle option is to silence. In this case, the muted user will still be able to see all the content of the person who muted them, but they will not see the stories or posts, depending on what they have chosen to mute.



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