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The 5 technological tips to improve the habit of reading

Taking into account the changes in routines where there are more functions and more technology, TechMarkup brings some important tips to not lose the habit of reading.


According to a scientific study from the University of Sussex, Reading for at least 6 minutes a day can lower stress by up to 68 percent.

Currently, a smartphone can be a great distraction, but at the same time it can be used as a tool to improve reading habits.

Bedtime mode for reading at night


Google points out that taking a book to bed is a habit that many enjoy, althoughe constantly checking chats and social networks can be an impediment to start reading.

One way to take advantage of mobile is establishing sleep habits On Android devices is available the bedtime mode in the settings menu.


By activating the tool they will be able to set start and end times or configure for when the device is charging. The “bedtime mode” turns grayscale on which changes the screen to black and white and the Do Not Disturb Tool, that mutes notifications, helping you read without distractions. Additionally, with the voice assistant you can set bedtime routine, to define an alarm the intensity of the light, the volume of the music, etc.

goodbye notifications

Another method to read calmly and without alterations, you can activate the Android “Do Not Disturb” mode. This will silence the phone, stop vibrations and block visual disturbances. It can be programmed so that messages from work are not received in a certain period of time and choose what will be blocked and what will be shown on the screen.

To read calmly during the day

You can also take advantage of the Digital Wellbeing Tool, which is built into Android devices. You can access the app control panel to know in detail the number of hours dedicated to each application and even the frequency with which the phone is unlocked so that you have an overview of how the mobile phone is being used and based on personalized statistics, organize at what time of the day it is best to spend a few minutes reading.

Avoid spending hours using the cell phone


Those people who are always busy and want to set a certain time limit to do various things and sit down to read for a while without distractions can set daily timers. When the time runs out the app or website is put on pause for the rest of the day.

Family balance and reading at home

As reading habits are important for all members of the family, they can be transmitted to children, however, as something similar happens with adults, electronic devices can be an impediment to spending a few minutes in front of a book.

To solve it, there is apps Family Link that helps parents decide how much time to use the Internet is appropriate for your sons and daughters, which may vary depending on whether they use the devices to read, watch videos, or play video games. It also can set a daily usage limit for android devices and set a bedtime so that the phone locks when it’s time to go to sleep and thus replace the mobile with a book.

With these Google tips on how to take advantage of them and focus them on carrying out an activity, you can resume the habit of reading, which, in addition to being entertaining, can be useful to relax and forget about the stress of the day. Additionally, the technology recommends reducing the application pages or opting to turn the screen to grayscale before sleeping since the colors of the apps can be a distraction.


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