Home Tech News The 5 recommendations to take care of the house with smart devices

The 5 recommendations to take care of the house with smart devices

The 5 recommendations to take care of the house with smart devices
Smart home.  (photo: The mail)
Smart home. (photo: The mail)

In times like summer, holidays and the dates that the governments of each country decide to give a long holiday, many take advantage of these days to get out of the routine and travel.

Regardless of the vacation chosen, chances are the person’s household may be left completely alone. So if you count a smart homethere is a range of devices that, in addition to automating processes, can help simulate that someone is at home: sensors, smart bulbs and more.

At present, it is important for users to take preventive measures so that it seems that someone is always home. It’s tempting to share vacation details or photos through posts on the social networksand this can play against, in case the account is public and the thieves know your name and username.


For all of the above, VTA Smart House recommends some tips to be able to take care of the home with different smart devices, in case you want to leave home for a long period (or why not, just for a few hours):

1. Install lights outside the home, and program them


The darker the exterior of the house, the more attractive it becomes to burglars because they cannot be seen. A simple solution is get a smart light bulb that you can turn the light on and off at certain times to make it look like someone is home.

Users will not only be able to perform the actions mentioned above, but also program them and create routines. In addition, you can adjust the color, brightness, intensity, the creation of scenes and environments, etc.

Smart light bulbs.  (photo: HiTech Glitz)
Smart light bulbs. (photo: HiTech Glitz)

2. Check all doors and windows to make sure everything is closed

It’s obvious to lock all the doors before you go on vacation, but how do you get an alert when a thief breaks in with a tool and opens the door?

A smart door and window sensor is needed. Every time a door or window is opened in the house, will send a notification to cell phone configured or will trigger a smart alarm, to keep intruders away and keep the user informed of what is happening in their home.

3. It never hurts to have security cameras

In addition to pretending that one is at home, home automation allows monitor what happens in specific spaces and, in some cases, interact with the environment. Thus, it is common for them to have night vision, two-way audio systems and motion sensors, to activate when something comes within their range of action.

An important aspect is to know where will or will be placedsince there are models for both exterior and interior.

Security camera.  (photo: Ecobox)
Security camera. (photo: Ecobox)

4. Get the most out of smart locks

Thieves know where to look and a key gives them easy access. But if you need someone to come into your home to clean up or get rid of something you forgot before you leave, smart locks can help remotely control a home entrance.

You just have to temporary key from home to the designated person and with this type of device, leave it activated for as long as it takes to be home, so that when you finish performing the assigned tasks, the key will no longer be useful to anyone.

Smart lock.  (photo: My Smart House)
Smart lock. (photo: My Smart House)

5. Use smart shades

In case there is a mailbox, and the owner of the home has gone on vacation, it will be filled, allowing the thieves to see that the house is alone.

So, having smart shades, you can use a controller in the home, and program it so that the shutters open in the morning and close at night, leaving the house as if someone were living there.

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