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The 5 recommendations to be the best content creator on social networks

Social networks.  (photo: Unocero)
Social networks. (photo: Unocero)

On June 30, the international day of the Social networks, date that aims to highlight the importance of making responsible use of these services, in addition to highlighting them as a communication tool.

Since the birth of these Applications in which they stand out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, WhatsApp, TikTok Y kuwai, people’s daily life changed with the realization of new trends in short video platforms, and even the interaction of brands with their consumers and companies with their collaborators.

Which Latin American countries consume the most social networks

The countries of Latin America they are at the forefront of social media consumption and interactions, as well as being among the early adopters of new social platforms like TikTok.

The influencer marketing agency, SocialPubli, made a compilation of the most relevant data in Latin America on the use of social networks.

Chili It is the country that heads the list with the highest penetration of social networks with respect to its total population with 92.8% followed by Uruguay Y Argentina (90% and 86%, respectively). While Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina are among the 10 countries in the world where people spend more time on social networks, exceeding 3 hours a day.

As for the social media interactions, grew throughout Latin America during 2022 with a total of 81 million daily. The platforms that had the most activity in terms of participation and “engagement” were Instagram (68%), Facebook (26%) and Twitter (6%).

Verified Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  (photo: The Universe)
Verified Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. (photo: The Universe)

What are the trends in short video platforms

So far in 2022, platforms like Instagram with your reelsYouTube with ShortsTikTok and its countless videos or kuwai, have been able to discover the most viewed, viral and differentiating videos in the app.

For this reason, the last mentioned social network has been in charge of collect these themes that are sure to turn anyone into a great content creator in a very short time. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is always better to be aware of the hashtags that are trending daily so that the content focuses on them and has a greater reach. In fact, Kwai always recommends the best when it comes to posting.

Next, trends in short videos:

1. One minute fiction

Other contents that will surely follow the trend this year are 100% original “fictions” and short video novels.

To make this type of videos you need a computer (or yourself) in which each scene has a different role and is measured to act as if they are in Hollywood. One of the best-known characters today is Rubén Tuesta, who surprises with very funny performances in every video on his TikTok and YouTube Shorts platforms.

Ruben Toast in Shorts.  (photo: YouTube)
Ruben Toast in Shorts. (photo: YouTube)

2. News

More and more people are report through social media. Videos that summarize the news of the day or briefly explain an event are gaining popularity.

When these videos are accompanied by supporting images, beautiful voices, and great research, they are always well received. Of course, the most important thing will always be the transparent information, that’s why all platforms are taking care to reduce fake news content on the platform.

3. Challenges with trendy songs

This phenomenon favors not only the creators of videos that dance to these songs, but also the performers, since it allows musical compositions become much more popular at the same time.

Artists can create challenges, but they can also create their own challenges to make said dance become a trend.

4. Mini-vlogging

A Vlog is a video in which the creators demonstrate a live experience with short clips. Some ideas: how is the day to day of the creator, what one in during lunch or dinner, the most awaited concert of all time, among others.

Any event that you think will attract the attention of the public works very well.

5. Gastronomic content

Food-related content has skyrocketed and will continue to do so throughout the year.

These videos can focus on restaurant recommendations, flavors, and even simple, healthy recipes.

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