The 5 contributions that everyone should know about the metaverse

The 5 contributions that everyone should know about the metaverse

The concept of metaverse emerged several decades ago, and until not long ago, it was only used for futuristic approaches to science fiction and cyberpunk, however, when Goalparent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp officially announced its millionaire investment in technology to make this interconnected digital space a reality, everything has become very real.

In that sense, many companies have been working and making significant investments to carry out the metarversewhich, according to Mark Zuckerberg, it will change the Internet as we know it today and it will be a revolution that will bring a new digital age.

Although the construction of the metaverse is very early and is still in development, you can already glimpse the new opportunities and fundamental aspects of this. According to the consultant trust corporationthe following aspects can be used by all people.

1.- New jobs

Although it is still an ambitious project, it is undeniable that the technology companies need experts to carry it out. If from now on the demand for professionals is great, when there is already a stable platform that allows everyone to have a digital second life through its avatar it will be greater, especially in the development of digital ecosystems, programmers, hardware engineers, 3D and video game developers, product managers, marketing specialists, cybersecurity experts and others.

2.- Investment opportunities

Technology has proven to be necessary, so investments in the area have not been lacking. For example, from the list fortune 500, at least 120 companies are technology companies.

In the case of the metaverse it is not necessary to go very far, it is enough to see the success that cryptocurrencies and tokenization have had, in addition to the fact that new sectors have been opened to the metaverse, one of them is real estate. Although it seems hard to believe, land for sale in the metaverse.

Companies undoubtedly see this interconnected space as a great opportunity, since there will be all kinds of businesses. From stores to buy official artist items, to stadiums to go to concerts.

3.- Entertainment

Hand in hand with business are entertainment opportunities, because of course, perhaps it would not be enough to enter the digital world with an avatar, but to spend time in it with friends at a concert or game room.

“The whole entertainment area like concerts, movies and series, even art galleries, they will have great reception in the metaverse. This thanks to the immersive experiences that new technologies provide and that have been reflected in massive virtual concerts with artists such as Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and The Chainsmokers, which have gathered thousands of users around the world”, said Jamez Hernandez, president and co-founder of TrustCorporate.

4.- Interconnection

During the pandemic, the entire world had to stay at home, having the Internet and electronic devices as allies to continue working, studying, seeing friends, family, entertaining, and more, that is, in interconnection. It is estimated that this grow exponentially with the metaversewhere other opportunities can be explored.

5.- New experiences

In the metaverse everyone will need an avatar, whether or not it looks like them in real life, there will be no other way to interact digitally with others, which will bring with it new experiences. For example, sexual relations are estimated to be revolutionary in this space. In the same way, other opportunities can be explored in other areas.