The 5 best Android and iOS apps of the week: rally and routine

best android apps of 2021

As every weekend, Tech Markup gives you a selection of 5 free or paid Android / iOS apps and games that we noticed in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If you want to see it negatively, Sunday is the day after a new work week begins. But of course, we see it positively and so Sunday is the day on which we regularly introduce you to five new apps and mobile games. Like every week, I tried again today to present you with the best possible apps that do not represent data traps or microtransaction graves.

In addition to my own discoveries, I always add the pearls discovered by the Tech Markup community and shared in our forum, which I hereby recommend to you. From mobile games to productivity apps, here are 5 free and paid best Android / iOS apps this week.


Let’s start with a simple productivity app to keep track of your habits. You create your own routines in the form of a to-do list by setting their duration to 24 hours and their frequency to one week and assigning them a start time. For each exercise, you can then indicate whether you have completed it or not. This is how you can see whether you are keeping your resolutions or whether your schedule needs to be adjusted.


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This is one of the best Android apps and the wonderful thing is it is free and does not contain any in-app purchases, but requires an account to be created and contains advertising banners. In addition, my Gboard keyboard did not work when I wrote the titles of the routines. No approval is required to use the app. The user interface is visually appealing, but could still be improved a bit in terms of ergonomics.

  • Price: free / advertising: yes / in-app purchases: no / account: required
5 apps week 34 2021 routines
Routines want to optimize your daily routine / © NextPit

You can download the application Routines from the Google Play Store.


With Tweet2Pic you can “convert” tweets into .jpg images. It’s nicer than a screenshot and you can apply a dark mode to the tweet. You can also hide the parent tweet/thread (which the selected tweet follows or to which it replies) or hide the images, GIFs, or videos in the tweet.

The concept isn’t new, and I remember seeing similar apps years ago, but it’s free, with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no account.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required
5 apps week 34 2021 tweet2pic
Share tweets as pictures / © NextPit

You can download the Tweet2Pic app from the Google Play Store.


Tilla is a subscription management application. You can list all your subscriptions, specifying the amount and the repetition of each payment. It’s a great way to keep track of your expenses or just see how much money you’re wasting on products that, for the most part, don’t even belong to you.

The application is very simple, unfortunately not yet available in German, has a very clean and modern interface, and offers countless different currencies for subscription prices. No advertising and the only in-app purchase is 2.39 euros to activate the premium version (cloud synchronization, data export, dark mode).

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: yes, € 2.39 one-time purchase to unlock everything / account: not required
5 apps week 34 2021 till
Tilla’s interface is really nice / © NextPit

You can download the Tilla application from the Google Play Store.


The Tech Markup community discovered this app and shared it on our French forum. It is an app that was first published for iOS and is very popular in the App Store and with which you can “turn” your smartphone into a webcam. Basically, it is simply a matter of optimizing the video part of your video calls by combining the picture on your smartphone with the calls from your PC / Mac.


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You have access to a number of settings and the application works with the most common video conference services (Zoom, Meet, Teams, …). Camo is in Early Access on Android, which means all features are available for free. However, this may change after the trial period is over.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: no / account: required

You can download the Camo app from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

Rush rally origins

What? A racing game that isn’t jam-packed with in-app purchases? Rush Rally Origins is a top-notch racing game that offers competitive and challenging gameplay while being fun with beautiful graphics. The controller support is part of the game and the controls seemed quite ergonomic to me. The only minor problem is that the camera can be seen from above in helicopter mode, which can be detrimental to the immersion of some players.

The game costs 5.49 euros on Android and 4.99 euros in the App Store, but offers 36 different races, 4 different vehicle classes, and runs at up to 120 FPS. All without advertising or in-app purchases.

  • Price: € 5.49 (Android) or € 4.99 (iOS) / advertising: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required

You can buy Rush Rally Origins from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.


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And? What could you do with the best Android and iOS apps today? Let me know in the comments whether you have already used one of the apps presented or whether you can make suggestions for the apps of the week yourself. As always, please let me know what kind of game or app you are up for and I will try to include it in my next research.

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