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The 4 curiosities of the Argentine soccer players that are most searched for on Google, Agüero and Messi are a trend

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero. (photo: Reuters)

Argentina managed to lift the trophy World Cup Qatar 2022 and internet users have done curious searches about ‘Albiceleste’ players in the social media. And although many will believe that they are questions related to Lionel Messi and his dazzling plays, or Julian Alvarez and his goals with the Argentine team, most of the searches have been about non-soccer issues, such as the reaction of tini at the time that Rodrigo DePaul champion came out, or also a video of Sergio Aguero that no one can miss.

And it is that the Argentine team is filling with photos, videos and comments absolutely all social networks, especially instagram, TikTok Y Twitter. The madness that the team led by Lionel Scaloni has generated after its consecration in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is reflected in the trends that have emerged in the last few hours, especially from the moment the game ended.

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Searches on the players of the Argentine national team

First of all, there is a lot of talk about Thiago, the eldest son of Lionel and Antonela, who wrote down the lyrics of the song that is a sensation in this World Cup on a notepad. It is about the famous song “Muchachos” written by the group La Mosca Tsé-Tsé, which resounded in every game of La Scaloneta. And her mother, proud of the passion that the Argentine team arouses in her, shared it in a History from instagram.

“I was born in Argentina, Tierra del Diego and Lionel from the kids from Malvinas that I will never forget. I can’t explain it to you because you won’t understand. The finals we lost. How many years I cried for her but that ended because in the Maracana the final with the brazuqas was won again by dad. Boys, now we are excited again. I want to win the third, I want to be world champion and we can see Diego from heaven. With Don Diego and La Tota encouraging Lionel,” he wrote. Thiago with impeccable cursive.

Letter from Thiago Messi to his father.  (photo: Instagram)
Letter from Thiago Messi to his father. (photo: Instagram)

At the same time, there is a lot of talk about the current couple of Rodrigo DePaul. And it is that from the Lusail stadium, Francisco Stoessel maintained a live communication with his sister tiniwho could not contain her tears for the happiness that both she and the entire country are experiencing after the conquest.

During the video, you can see the singer crying uncontrollably, very excited for the victory and especially for the Atlético de Madrid player. Many users have also wondered why the singer did not attend the World Cup grand final.

The emotion of Tini Stossel after the achievement of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

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How could it be otherwise, I had to be Sergio ‘el Kun’ Aguero Among the most searched on social networks. The outstanding ex-soccer player was present at the Iconic Stadium in Lusail and celebrated Argentina’s victory over France. The Albicelestes became world champions after a dramatic game that went all the way to the penalty shootout.

But what is curious? In the pictures you can see the Kun Aguero, who retired from soccer due to heart problems, turning his back on the field to avoid seeing the goal that would decide the future of Argentina. After realizing that it was a goal, the ex-soccer player It had a tremendous reaction that quickly went viral on social networks.

Sergio Agüero turns his back on the field to avoid seeing Argentina’s last penalty

Finally, it has also been a trend Julian Alvarez and the curious Nickname what’s wrong with it. From a very young age, Julián began to show off his special skills on the pitch. When he had the ball in his possession, it was almost impossible for his teammates to take it from him. “It seemed that he had many ‘legs,’” says his father, and for that he earned the nickname of ‘spider’.

Who put it on? His brother. He was the creator of the alias that everyone repeats today to refer to Julián. In fact, his friends and family began to call him that way instead of his name. He “he Moved everywhere. He was small, but he reached everyone. They couldn’t get the ball out of him. He looked like he had many legs. In the towns near Calchín they would ask if he played ‘Araña’. Nobody calls him Julián here, they call him ‘Arañita,’ ”he recounted his dad in an interview with the official website of Manchester City.

Julian Alvarez.  (photo: Twitter)
Julian Alvarez. (photo: Twitter)

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