The 3 ways to disable advertising on Instagram

The 3 ways to disable advertising on Instagram
How to stop seeing ads on Instagram.  (photo: Sports World)
How to stop seeing ads on Instagram. (photo: Sports World)

Probably, many users are tired of the advertising that appears in Instagram. While scrolling through the feed is simple and dynamic, people can come across posts from accounts they don’t follow more often than one would like. Yes, the famous Instagram suggested posts can become a headache.

Is there a way to remove Instagram ads? There is no magic button to remove advertising from the Instagram app, but there are some alternatives to consider.

Some tricks can be applied to make the advertising of an Instagram account disappear, but some changes will have to be made. And on the other hand, there are also a series of tips that can help reduce advertising on the web. apps, if you don’t want to be so radical. Next, TechMarkup explains what all this is about.

Use Instagram Lite to see a Home without ads or advertisements

A simple way to get rid of Instagram advertising is by using the light version of the app. Yes, Instagram Lite.

It is the same Instagram app that is used all the time, but it is much lighter and consumes less data. And back to the topic of interest, has no advertising. At first glance, you won’t notice any changes when you scroll through the feed, so you won’t miss the interface of the original Instagram app.

But as you use Instagram Lite, you will be able to see some differences. For example, It does not have the option to switch between the feed of the people who are followed and the favorites.

And you may also miss some features when posts are created, stories or the reels. But if you want to get rid of the ads, this is a trick that can be applied using one of the official Instagram apps

Instant.  (photo: App Store)
Instant. (photo: App Store)

Use third-party applications to not see ads on Instagram

If the user does not feel comfortable with Instagram Lite because it limits some functions, you can resort to Applications of third parties. However, there are some aspects to take into account.

Third-party apps that allow the use of Instagram will not be able to be downloaded from Google Play Storebut they will have to be installed from an APK provided by the developer. A dynamic that can only be implemented with trusted sites and sources.

And on the other hand, Keep in mind that Instagram could penalize an account if it detects that the official app is not being used. Knowing this, only the user will have to decide at his own risk if he wants to opt for third-party apps or not.

Instant.  (photo: APK Pure)
Instant. (photo: APK Pure)

There are several options to consider, and one of them is Instant. This unofficial Instagram app offers two versions. One works as a standalone app, adding extra features to an Instagram account. And the other is a modified version of the Instagram app.

Regardless of which version of Instander is chosen, it will be seen that it does not show advertising in the Instagram account. If you want to try it, you have to follow the instructions detailed in the Instanter website.

So you can limit advertising on Instagram, but not completely

If you do not want to use Instagram Lite or resort to third-party apps, you can take a series of measures so that less advertising appears on your Instagram account. No weird tricks need to be applied, just validate configuration options that Instagram offers.

For example, a simple way for Instagram to know that the user is not interested in certain advertising is to use the option ‘Hide ad’, which is found by displaying the menu of the three points seen in the post.

Advertising on Instagram.  (photo: Composition/PicsArt/Jose Arana)
Advertising on Instagram. (photo: Composition/PicsArt/Jose Arana)

You can also report an ad or even block the brand so that Instagram does not continue to display advertising. But keep in mind that this type of action it will only limit the ads of the topics that the user is not interested inbut will not remove Instagram ads.

On the other hand, go to Setting of the account, look for the section ‘Advertisements’ and review the permissions that have been given to display advertising. While this will not remove the ads, the user will be more likely to hide disliked branding and ad themes.