The 3 advantages that iOS 16 Messages has over WhatsApp

The 3 advantages that iOS 16 Messages has over WhatsApp
iOS Messages.  (photo: The Bitten Apple)
iOS Messages. (photo: The Bitten Apple)

Yes ok iOS 16 is still in beta, scheduled for release in September, its new key features have been tested. Among all these changes, some of them introduced in iMessagethe messaging app Come in apple devices included in the Messages app.

And it is with just a few changes that the company Apple has managed to add the functionality that has been requested in WhatsApp for many years. The popular messaging app Goalunless there is any surprise, will continue to lead in countries of Latin America and most countries in the world, since the popularity of iMessage is in the USA.

However, in terms of functions, It is surprising that the Apple application has surpassed WhatsApp with some news that will come out together with iOS 16.

Edit and delete messages already sent

WhatsApp has always been a very popular messaging application, but compared to others like TelegramIt lacks many functions. Fortunately, the passage of time has caused the application developed by Meta to integrate new functions such as hiding the last connection, the possibility of deleting messages or the recent function of being able to add reactions to messages.

However, iOS 16 will bring big changes to messaging apps for iPhone, iPad Y Mac. This may not be a game changer or shake up WhatsApp in territories like Latin America, but it will integrate some features that WhatsApp doesn’t have.

The first of them is the ability to edit a message that has already been sent, which can be done by simply holding down the message and clicking the button ‘Edit’. Although, yes, A message will appear below the message that it has been changed.

iOS 16 iMessage. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
iOS 16 iMessage. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

Also, as noted in the first iOS 16 beta, if the recipient of the message uses iOS 15 or earlier, the applied changes may not be visible on the screen and the original message may be preserved.

In any case, this feature will probably come before WhatsApp. Officially, the Meta client does not have this functionality, and while there are indications that it is working on the ability to edit messages, it will be very unlikely that they end up working on it before iMessage.

Delete messages, and that there are no traces of it

On the other hand, in iOS 16 users will also be able to delete messages already sent under the option of ‘Undo send’.

This function it will work for 15 minutes. And yes, WhatsApp has also had this feature for a long time and even extended its cancellation time to one hour.

However, WhatsApp leaves a trace of the deleted message, which is controversial in many cases; while in iMessage this trace disappears and that’s it (although it can also be kept if the user is on the latest previous version).

iOS 16 iMessage. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
iOS 16 iMessage. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

Using iMessage across devices

Another advantage of iMessage over WhatsApp is that, although it does not leave the Apple ecosystem, the service can be used in various devices at the same time.

WhatsApp is unlikely to be set up on two computers, and one of them should be whatsapp webdespite the fact that some time ago they confirmed the arrival of the application on various platforms.

It should be noted that these options will ultimately make it extremely difficult for iMessage to grow market share beyond WhatsApp. And more if you take into account that is still something exclusive to the Apple environment and is not present in Android.