The 240 W USB-C cable that will revolutionize the charging of our future smartphones

USB-C is constantly evolving. And among recent enhancements to this technology is revision 2.1 which was released by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in 2021.


This revision of USB-C includes a significant evolution in device charging. Indeed, this opens the way to the production of USB-C cables that can support fast charging at 240 W. Compared to the 100 W of the old standard, the evolution is significant.

240 W with a USB-C cable, it’s now possible

Revision 2.1 will allow USB-C to be used to quickly charge laptops, and even hold its own when charging power-hungry gaming PCs. And as an article published by Digital Trends notes, 240 W USB-C cables are currently already commercially available.


Afterwards, for the moment, these cables are a bit useless. Indeed, to charge a device at 240 W, this device must support this speed, and you must also have the right case. According to Digital Trends, Club 3D’s fastest charger is still limited to 132W.

But in any case, revision 2.1 of USB-C, and the availability of cables that support charging at 240 W are already a major advance. As we mentioned above, this should mainly have an impact on the computer market, since more and more manufacturers should therefore bet on USB-C for recharging their laptops.


But smartphones are not left out. Some brands have already developed 120 W or even 150 W fast charging technologies that allow you to have a 100% battery in a flash.

And since fast charging is almost an obsession for some manufacturers, these speeds should increase in the coming years. Moreover, as we mentioned in a previous article, Oppo is already developing a fast charging technology for smartphones at 240 W which will take full advantage of the capacity offered by the revision 2.1 of USB-C and cables like those recently launched by Club 3D.

Charging at 240 W could also arrive on smartphones: 100% in just 9 minutes!

The technology was showcased by Oppo this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Called 240 W SupercVOOC Flash Charge, this charges a smartphone to 100% in just 9 minutes. A record!


Oppo demonstrated at the show, and even made a small buzz in the tech press and on social media, posting videos of the technology in action.

At this time, it is unknown when 240W SupercVOOC Flash Charge will be available on a commercial product. But in any case, when this fast charging is ready, it can be based on the revision of USB-C which already supports charging at 240 W.

Before being able to offer its customers this technology, Oppo will certainly have to solve certain problems related to too fast charging. Indeed, if fast charging is very practical in the daily life of users, it can also reduce the life of the battery.

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