The 13 best series available on Netflix

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With new titles being added every day, the Netflix is known for its vast catalogue. Although, for the first time in its history, the service has lost subscribers – whether due to price increases, questionable releases or any other reason – it is undeniable that streaming continues to have great titles in its catalog.

If you are looking for good series to watch on streaming, for example, we have great recommendations below. check the 13 best series to watch on Netflixaccording to his notes on IMDb.

13 best series on Netflix

13. dark (8.7)

Acclaimed by the audience, the German series takes place in a small town in the interior of Germany. The mystery begins when a child disappears without a trace and leaves the town on high alert as a tangle of strange connections begins to unfold.


12. Stranger Things (8.7)

Perhaps Netflix’s best-known original series, Stranger Things was extremely well received by the audience. The production was responsible for bringing up Millie Bobby Brown, one of the most promising names of this generation.

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11. hospital playlist (8.8)

As many say, hospital playlist and the “Grey’s Anatomy” from Korea. That’s because, like the North American series, the production accompanies a group of doctor friends and their daily lives in the hospital.

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10. BoJack Horseman (8.8)

Adult animation is a dramedy that became well known for its existentialist reflections and for addressing serious issues such as depression, addictions, racism, among others.

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9. narcos (8.8)

Created by José Padilha, narcos features Brazilian Wagner Moura playing drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Besides him, Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us), Boyd Holbrook (Hatfields & McCoys), Paulina Gaitán, Maurice Compte (Mayans MC) and Alberto Ammann (narcos: mexico) are part of the list.


8. Black Mirror (8.8)

Originally launched in 2011 by the British broadcaster Channel 4, Black Mirror brings together several stories that reflect on the future of society amid the advancement of technology. To what extent is technology beneficial?

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7. Peaky Blinders (8.8)

With the famous Thommy (cold and calculating) leading the Shelby family, the Peaky Blinders are one of the most beloved families in the series world. Set in 1919 Britain, the story follows the Shelby family, a ruthless gang that thrived after World War I, when underworld activities such as the illegal arms trade and illegal horse racing betting schemes took hold. became frequent.

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6. Eyes That Condemn8.9)

Inspired by a true story, the miniseries caught the attention of subscribers and critics alike when it was released. In the plot, five black teenagers live a nightmare after being wrongly accused of committing a brutal crime.

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5. Seinfield (8.9)

The comedy classic began airing on the network NBC for the first time in 1989 and collects fans to this day. The sitcom is a TV landmark and accompanies a quartet of friends who live full of financial and love problems.

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4. Better Call Saul (8.9)

Saul, one of the most beloved lawyers in breaking bad and from the world of series, he won his own series in 2015. The production tells how the then honest Jimmy McGill becomes the hack Saul Godman.

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3. arcane (8.9)

In 2021, LoL fans were treated to a series focused on some of the game’s characters. In the Netflix production, “two sisters fight on opposite sides of a war between magical technologies and incompatible convictions”, according to the synopsis.


two. The Office (9.0)

The US version of The Office is one of the series most loved by comedy fans. In the plot, we follow the routine of employees of a paper company, Dunder-Mifflin. What should be an ordinary day to day, however, is a big mess led by Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell.

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1. breaking bad (9.5)

Considered by many to be the best series in history, breaking bad it really was a milestone for American and world TV. No wonder the series starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul received no less than 230 nominations in different awards and a total of 118 awards.

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