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The 12 most curious objects that Artemis will take to the Moon: a Snoopy, Legos and more

Artemis program. (photo: Ecuasiva)

The Artemis program will make his second attempt this Saturday September 3 to launch the Orion spacecraftpropelled by an SLS rocket, to the Moon.

This first flight is without a crew, but not without luggage. It is already known that there will be three dummies on board to measure the radiation, but that is not all. Total, about 10,000 of the most diverse objects will travel to the aforementioned satellite and they will return to Earth.

Actually, this is nothing new. All the Apollo missions carried items that, upon their return, had become souvenirs, better known as “souvenirs”. Furthermore, in recent missions of the POTemphasis has been placed on involving the world’s population in its achievements.

To do this, they are required to obtain a ticket to the Moon. A few months ago, the possibility of sending names and surnames through a form was opened. You could receive a kind of plane ticket that said that this person would go with Artemis to the Moon and, in return, these names would be in the list included in units USB Y microchip, which included photos, prints, drawings and other gifts from the public that the participating organizations have collected.

So you already have three mannequins and some devices storage. But this is only the beginning. What other objects will travel to the Moon with this first phase of Armetis? TechMarkup brings 12 of the most curious objects.

The souvenirs that Artemis will take to the Moon

In addition to the three dolls, other curious astronauts will travel aboard the Orion. Specific, two Lego dogs, Snoopy the dog and Shaun the sheep, They both wear the uniform of the POT Or the European Space Agency (THIS).

There’s also 90 Girl Scout Badges to give to the winning girls of an essay contest about going back to the Moon. Receiving a badge is not the same as someone who accompanied Artemis to our satellite.

In fact, in this line there will also be thousands of gifts, such as patches and pinsfor all the workers who have carried out this mission.

Snoopy.  (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)
Snoopy. (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)

But there’s more than that. The Israel Space Agency will send a dead sea pebble and also tree seeds. The latter is not new. Apollo 14 also carried seeds from trees now known as the Moon Trees.

They are all planted in iconic places, such as the White House or the graves of some of the astronauts who have undertaken these missions. For its part, ESA decided to include a 3D printed model of the goddess Artemis. Nothing is more appropriate, of course.

Shaun the sheep.  (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)
Shaun the sheep. (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)

Following in the footsteps of Apollo 11

In 1969, Apollo 11, which reached the Moon for the first time, carried on board wreckage of the wright brothers plane. It was the first aircraft in history to fly successfully.

Similarly, Artemis’s Orion spacecraft It will carry a fragment of Apollo 11. In addition, you will also have a small sample of moon dust that these missions have brought to Earth. More than 50 years later, they returned to the satellite, although they did so to return to our planet a second time.

If the succession continues, it would not be surprising if there is another iconic mission in the future to bring a piece of the Orion spacecraft on board. But to do that, Artemis must first get it right. This Saturday it will be possible to see if he can finally take the long-awaited first step.

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