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The 10 platforms to find remote jobs

work remotely From anywhere. All online. In some cases with schedules, in others without them. That flexibility that was previously considered a benefit for few, today spread throughout the world.


The growth of digital employment was boosted by the pandemic. Quarantines and different social distancing measures not only made many companies turn to the home office for their staff of permanent employees; but also encouraged them to look for new talent willing to carry out their tasks 100% online.

For many employees and freelancers the opportunity to carry out their duties as digital nomads also implies an attractive benefit because they can be anywhere, and in many cases manage their time.


At the same time, for many it is an opportunity to earn better money than they would get doing the same tasks in the country they live in.

Here are some platforms that offer a wide variety of job opportunities in areas ranging from IT development to healthcare, education, translation and writing.



The site showcases a variety of opportunities to work independently and online. Job searches can be filtered by required skills or languages. There is also a category with featured jobs and with the latest offers.

2. Workana


The portal has several opportunities to telecommute. Among the categories available, programming, design, writing and translation, marketing, finance, legal and administrative support stand out. There are options to work in English, Spanish or Portuguese; with clients from different parts of the world.

3. The Piece

The site, which has offices in Mexico, Argentina and Peru, offers opportunities to work remotely and in person at different companies. With advanced filters you can track full-time or part-time jobs; as well as by type of skills and experience.

4. We Work Remotely

It is a platform with a wide range of jobs grouped by categories. There are offers for developers, designers, marketing experts and sales. Full time job options available and of another type as well.


This is another alternative to work as a freelancer. In addition to having various opportunities grouped by type of employment and skills required, the portal has a section with events, webinars and articles related to job searches that may be interesting for those who take their first steps in the digital universe.

6. Working Nomads

As its name suggests, it has options designed for digital nomads, which is just another way of talking about people who work remotely from anywhere in the world. In short, it offers options to work online. It stands out for the wide variety of employment categories that can be found. To the development, marketing, finance, and copywriting options offered by most sites, Options are included to give online classes, do consultancies, work in areas of health and human resources.

7. Remote.Co

Like the previous site stands out for the variety of employment categories that can be found. While opportunities to work in systems especially abound, there are also options to work as a virtual assistant, writer, editor, and project manager.


More than 800 thousand employers use this platform, which is synonymous with an interesting range of opportunities. The site is easy to navigate and use. The options are grouped into different categories that can be seen from the front page of the site.

9. WeRemote

He has proposals to work writing texts, programming, designing and consulting in different areas. It stands out for having a section with useful resources for freelancers. There you can find tools such as applications to make designs, organize tasks and also suggestions for sites with online training.

10. Dynamite Jobs

It is a portal with searches that can be filtered by salary range, time zone and type of skills required. Opportunities in programming and design areas are highlighted; although you can also find, as in other portals, various jobs in the area of ​​consulting, administrative assistance and sales.


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