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The 10 Best Villains in Dragon Ball History

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The creators of Dragon Ball always make a point of creating charismatic and, above all, challenging opponents for Goku. Throughout all the adventures, several antagonists were presented to the public.

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Some were so popular with the audience that they became fixed characters in the anime’s history. Other villains have become so iconic that they are in the memory of anime fans to this day!

Next, meet the best villains of Dragon Ball in the list created by My Series!

10 – Brolly

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The antagonist was introduced in the film Dragon Ball Z: Invincible Might. Also known as The Legendary Super Saiyan, the warrior appears every 1000 years. Due to his gigantic fighting power, and with the traumas he suffered at birth, the villain is manic and has a mortal hatred for Goku.

Although very powerful, the character doesn’t have a lot of development in the original story. It is often just used by others, as when Freeza used it to do his dirty work, but it gained more attention in the most recent phase of the anime, where it gained new arcs.

9 – Cell

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The supervillain is a Bio-android created to be the perfect warrior and has all the powers and abilities of the best fighters that have ever passed through Earth. The villain’s first appearance was in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, but he ended up returning to the anime in the future.

The way he transforms over time, growing stronger and more menacing, brings a freshness to the story, while the difficulty of defeating him never ceases to increase.

8 – Jiren

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His first appearance was in Dragon Ball Super. The antagonist is part of the Pride Troop of Universe Eleven.

Its fighting power is greater than Wormmode, the God of Destruction. In addition to being strong, the character is also extremely intelligent, providing a great challenge for Goku and his friends. He never gets carried away by emotions and is always aware of his opponent’s every move, even after defeating him.

7 – Bills

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Also known as Bills the Destroyer, he first appeared in the film. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The God of Destruction has the principle of destroying universes and does this to keep himself calm, due to his high temper.

At least 75 million years old, Goku’s enemy is extremely skilled and intelligent, so much so that he ends up becoming friends with the protagonist over time.

6 – Captain Ginyu

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The character is introduced in the Captain Ginyu Saga of Dragon Ball Z. He is an elite warrior of the Ginyu Special Forces who can switch bodies with his opponent when he is losing combat.

During the fight, the alien has an inflated ego, always sure that he will defeat his enemy. This, in fact, is precisely what causes his defeat, making him a physically strong villain, but not so mentally.

5 – Majin Buu

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The villain first appears in the Saga Majin Boo and, in the beginning, he is recognized by his childish way of behaving.

But make no mistake: the creature is responsible for the decimation of billions of people. Several versions of the character have been introduced over the years, due to his power to absorb his opponents, causing him to change his physical and mental form.

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The villain is responsible for one of the most memorable moments in the anime: to defeat him once and for all, it was necessary for Goku to perform the greatest Genkidama of his life.

4 – Vegeta

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The Prince of Saiyans is one of the main villains in the anime saga. He has a great anger towards Goku, due to the fact that the warrior is from a lower class of saiyans, but is still more powerful than Vegeta.

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Sometimes, the antagonist would team up with Goku to defeat other opponents stronger than both of them. Over the years, he became a more loving and dear person not only by fans, but by his own enemies in the series, who began to approach him and become friends.

3 – Piccolo

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Piccolo Daimaoh’s son inherited much of his predecessor’s temperament and, above all, combat skills. The character holds a great grudge against Goku, since he was the one who killed his father.

He even broke the hero’s limbs in battle, while laughing sadistically for revenge. However, after meeting Gohan, the protagonist’s son, Piccolo Junior became more empathetic and calm over time. Over the years, he became a Z Warrior to protect the innocent and the universe, being one of the main allies of the protagonist.

2 – Goku Black

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the villain of Dragon Ball Super arose to destroy the entire human race. He is originally a Zamasu, but used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku and kill him.

By possessing the hero’s body, Goku Black is one of the most powerful villains precisely because he has the same abilities as the protagonist.

1 – Frieza

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)source: fuji

The main villain of the second saga of Dragon Ball Z can be considered the most important of the entire anime. Fearing Super Saiyan strength, he destroys the planet and leaves only a few survivors, among them Vegeta, in order to manipulate and use them to his advantage.

Throughout history, his actions have several direct consequences for the heroes, who struggle and suffer to defeat him. Over time, however, he returns and even briefly becomes an ally of the Z warriors, since he has an enviable fighting power.

So, who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z villain? If you want to reminisce about the anime, Dragon Ball Kai can currently be watched on HBO Max, while Dragon Ball Super is available on the Crunchyroll service.

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