That’s how much faster Apple’s new A16 processor is

A copy of the iPhone 14 Pro with Apple’s new system-on-a-chip A16 Bionic has been run through the Geekbench test and scored 1,887 for single-threaded tasks, reports Macrumors. It is 10.5 percent better than what the iPhone 13 Pro with A15 Bionic performed in the same test.

For multi-threaded tasks, the result is even slightly better, 5,455 points against the previous 4,659 points. That’s an improvement of 17.1 percent against the iPhone 13 Pro. The A16 uses a 4 nm process, versus 5 nm in the A15, which is a partial explanation for the improved results.

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It should be added that 17 percent faster in a synthetic test like this does not necessarily mean noticeable differences in performance. In other words, those who switch from A15 to A16 will not notice any major difference in reality.

More tests are also needed to be able to draw any major conclusions about the performance of the new chip.

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