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“Thank you for your support”: 73% of users want Elon Musk to buy Twitter

After Elon MuskCEO of Tesla and Space X said he offered to pay $54.20 for each share of Twitter, namely, 41 billion dollars to buy the social network in its entirety, there have been all kinds of comments, reactions, memes and even surveys to know the opinion of the users of the social network. Supposedly 73% are in favor of the tycoon’s purchase being completed.


This afternoon, in the midst of the suspense over the acquisition of the platform, Elon Musk He made a tweet in which he thanked the support of thousands of people.

“Thanks for the support!”

In the publication he made this Friday afternoon, he attached a survey carried out by Bitcoin Archive, an account with almost a million followers that specializes in giving news and opinions about cryptocurrencies and technology. In this survey, users responded if they agreed with Elon Musk buying Twitter.


The question answered by 19 thousand 494 people, had a 73% in favor of Elon Musk be the new owner and 27% said they disagree. Due to the results, the tycoon shared the Bitcoin Archive survey in his account and thanked the support received.

It should be noted that this is not a survey carried out by professionals in the field of statistical measurement. It was done randomly, which was mainly seen by the followers of the account, that is, its value lies in the fact that Elon Musk quoted the tweet to thank the result and does not represent the opinion of the entire platform.


In addition to the result, several users commented on the publication, pointing out that the South African billionaire should not spend so much money on acquiring a social network and that that money should be used to fight world hunger or build homes for people in vulnerable situations.

“Do not. You should use the money for something more useful like fighting world hunger, helping homeless people, or something more important,” said one user. Likewise, there were opinions in which they say that they don’t want Twitter to become Facebook or 4chan.

Musk’s move comes after he asked on Twitter on Saturday whether the social network was “dying” and called out users like singer Justin Bieber, who are widely followed but rarely post. “Most of these ‘top’ accounts rarely tweet and post very little content,” the Tesla boss wrote, captioning a list of the 10 profiles with the most followers – including himself at number eight, with 81 million. of followers-


The billionaire, who currently owns almost 73.5 million shares of the messaging company, He had become a critic of the social network and had questioned whether its rules “rigorously” adhered to the principle of freedom of expression.

These criticisms had aroused misgivings in some sectors, even among Twitter employees themselves, who were concerned that Musk would wield excessive power in the company to change its ethical standards for publishingincluding the suspension of the account of former US President Donald Trump, sanctioned for considering that his messages instigated the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Musk has amassed more than 80 million followers since joining the website in 2009 and has used the platform to make several announcements, including announcing a Tesla privatization deal that landed him in hot water with regulators.


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