Terrifier: Amazon Prime Video Releases First Movie; Look!

You may not even know his name, but you’ve definitely seen his demonic face somewhere on the internet. we are talking about Art the Clown, villain from the movie Terrifier (Terrifying). Work, by the way, that recently gained a sequel, called Terrifier 2, which, curiously, became a hit of the horror genre in 2022.


Many even ended up forgetting or skipping the first Terrifier movie. to directly watch the sequence. However, if you’ve always wanted to watch Terrifying, but never managed to, the time has come: the feature has just been made available on Amazon Prime Video.

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This first film, released in 2016, was written and directed by Damien Leone and had a very low budget of just around $35,000. Even so, it became a cult work within the B-side of horror cinema. Especially for its main character, Art, The Clown, who has a scary look, and his extremely violent scenes.

Terrifier’s Plot It’s pretty simple: on Halloween night, two young girls bump into a weird clown in the middle of the street. When one of them messes with him, the villain follows them through the night.

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Despite appearing harmless at first glance, the character reveals himself to be a demonic and bloodthirsty murderer, who leaves trails of blood wherever he goes. Now, the two will have to fight for their lives before it’s too late.

terrifier 2

The second film premiered this year and was also directed and written by Leone. The plot, similar to the first film, brings Art back on a new hunt during Halloween. Now, the clown’s targets are a teenage girl and her younger brother.

the budget of terrifier 2 it went up a notch, to $250,000, which allowed the film to scale its gory and shocking scenes even further. No wonder, many reported fainting and vomiting during exhibitions of the work in the United States.

So far, the film has grossed an impressive $5 million. In Brazil, the film has not made its official debut in cinema yet, but it will arrive soon through the company A2. But the question is: will you have the courage to watch?

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